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Dental Practice Implant Marketing That delivers More implant opportunities each month

Fill Your Dental ImplANT Office's Schedule 20+ High Value Dental Opportunities Each Month

Get More High Value Dental Patients Each Month Using Our Proven Process And Develop Your Team's Ability To Schedule Patients. Fill Your Practice's Seats.

Dental Practice Marketing That Fits Your Office Size

Our Deep Understanding Of Patient Needs & The Dental Industry Has Helped Us Develop A Proven System To Drive 20+ Qualified Opportunities To Your Front Desk Each Month.

New Practices

Just Started Placing Implants?

Let's create as much opportunity to do more cases as possible — quickly. We'll help you stand out in your market and get patients scheduling consultations immediately.

Jump Starter

Need To Attract Cases Consistently?

We'll help you implement a SYSTEM to drive high quality cases to your practice each and every month. Double or triple the implant cases done by your practice. 

Established Specialists

Want Only The Best Cases In Your Market?

Leverage your experience & build on past marketing efforts to focus on winning the best cases in the market. Be the implant provider of choice in competitive markets

We've Grown Dental Practices Like Yours In Highly Competitive Markets

Our Deep Understanding Of Patient Needs & The Dental Industry Has Helped Us Develop A Proven System To Drive 20+ Qualified Opportunities To Your Front Desk Each Month.

"I have been working with Driven Dental Implant Marketing since the opening of my practice and my experience has been wonderful. I’m getting a lot of leads every month and a lot of treatment acceptance; which is wonderful. There are other companies out there who will help you with Google Ads, but the biggest difference for me is all the support you get."

Dr. Paola Bukovcan 
(Fort Washington, PA)

"They been bringing me in about 58 leads a month on average. The ones that are closing are about $10,000 dollars on average. They have worked with my staff with how to answer the phone calls and how to talk to patients about treatment. It's been a great experience so far."

Dr. Andrew Gambrell 
(Columbia, SC)

"They’re there to support me and my team. I really like working with them. We get so busy sometimes, I have to turn it off. I don’t have enough time in my schedule to handle all the leads we get from Driven Dental Marketing. And that’s a great thing!"

 Dr. Gregg May 
(New Orleans, LA)

"I would say about 80 to 90% of the leads who actually schedule for the consult will end up doing some kind of treatment. We've done tons of All-On-4 cases, multiple $20,000 plus cases. Really it's changed the shape of the practice. We're able to keep our specialists really busy."

Dr. Steven Horwitz 
(Boca Raton, FL)

"The investment that we’ve made with these guys we have gotten pretty much over a ten times ROI. Working with Charles, Charlotte, and Stephanie, and Michelle has been awesome. They are very quick to respond. Anytime we have an issue it gets taken care of right away. So, if you guys are on the fence… don’t be on the fence. Just sign up and get some implant patients in the chair."

Dr. Trent Redfearn
(Highlandsranch, CO)

"We had so many new patients coming that we actually had to hire two new people. One person to handle all the phone calls and one person to handle all the flow to get them inside the practice. Our practice has increased our production by over $20,000 by all the leads that have come in from this traffic source. I’m super pumped.  We’re changing so many people’s lives. "

Dr. Anissa Holmes 

We'll Deliver


Patient Calls 

Each Month

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How We Grow Dental Practices Across The United States

Local Patient Dental Service Marketing

You don't want to answer calls from patients who aren't in your area. Our laser focused marketing narrows down the region in which you operate and only sends interested dental patients to you and your team.

Dental Implant Sales & Phone Training

Does your team know how to convince prospects of the importance of dental treatment? Leverage our team of dental professionals who have had front office experience and know what works and what doesn't.

Competitive Dental Lead Generation

How do you stand out from the competition? Simple. Be seen where your competition isn't and be first where they are already. Our mix of paid and organic rankings will ensure your team is easy to find online.

Responsive Website Development

Users will view your company on several screen sizes. Your online experience must not limit mobile users and still needs to match the expectation of users on larger devices at the same time. We have this technology locked-down.

Ongoing Training & Support

If you don't succeed, then neither do we. That's why we obsess about using our team's experience in the dental & marketing industries to keep improving your practice's ability to fill appointment slots each and every day.

InDepth Monthly Reporting

We have nothing to hide when delivering your monthly report. Interested in knowing the cost per lead? Do you know how much revenue each new lead brought in each month?  Here's A Hint: The ROI is always big.

Strategy & Road Mapping Sessions

No matter if you're just starting out or plan to join a DSO, we match your current needs to our well-defined processes and will have no problem scaling with your practice as you transition into higher revenue opportunities.

Continuous Improvement

We stay sharp and do a ton of market research. This edge allows our campaigns to cut deep into the psyche of prospects so they are well educated on your process & practice — ultimately leading to lowered hesitation when calling.

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