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Emergency Dental Patients Need YOU

You can support the COVID-19 response efforts AND keeping revenue coming with dental emergency appointments.

Emergency dental appointments help keep dental patients out of busy hospital ERs -- and they help keep your business afloat as you weather this storm.

Your patients and community are concerned and looking for support online. Now, more than ever, they need you.

Instead of stepping back, it’s time to step up -- to support them as well as your practice.

Stand together with other dental practitioners to honor your Hippocratic oaths & serve your communities.

Are You Open For Emergencies?

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Dental COVID Response Kit

Because we’re in the business of helping dental practices, we’ve created a comprehensive support solution to help you keep your doors open, serve patients in need, and aid in the greater COVID-19 response efforts around the world.

The Dental COVID Response Kit includes:

Emergency Campaign

We’re using our marketing expertise to produce emergency digital campaigns with lead generation, tracking, and reporting for offices that are ready to attract and help the many patients that are in need of emergency procedures to get them out of pain quickly and keep them out of hospital emergency rooms..

Virtual Consults

We’ll help you implement virtual consultation technology to safely serve as a resource for patients in need and help them decide if their dental problem is a true emergency. Build the relationships and earn their trust before they even set foot in your office and maintain your patient pipeline for when you reopen.

Community Leader Campaign

Dental practices have a strong voice in their communities as healthcare workers meaning that many people will look to you for advice and reassurance. A strong digital presence is the best way to provide reassurance and stay in touch with your patients through this uncertain time -- and we have the tools to help you establish yourself as a dependable practice.


Build a custom Coronavirus (COVID-19) response web page for your practice to update and inform your current and potential patients what your current protocols are in this ever-changing environment. Demonstrates the extra measures your practice is taking to protect your patients to assure them that their safety is your number one priority.

Call Rollover

24 hour call rollover services to maximize every opportunity to help patients in your community that don’t know where to turn. We have agents standing by to answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you don’t have to.

Online Scheduling

Free online scheduling services from LocalMed that integrates seamlessly with your practice management system to patients can easily book their emergency and virtual consultation appointments when they want and how they want.

Emergency Provider Referral Network

Some patients are going to Emergency Rooms because they don’t know who to call. We’ve created a hotline for patients in need of dental emergency services to call and get matched with practices that are open based on location/zip code. You’ll get listed as a provider in the network and you’ll only pay for the patients you see.

Resources, Support, & Community

Join a community of dental professionals who are navigating this crisis together and get connected with resources you need right now including processes, best practices, scripts, guidelines, and recommendations so you and your patients can stay informed and your practice and stay compliant with rapidly changing federal, state, and local regulations.

Don’t Step Back -- Step Up!

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Don’t Regret It Later -- Take Action Now

To pivot or to perish is the reality that dental practices are facing right now. This is a perfect time to create a plan for your future.