VPA Job Description

Overview of Position:

The VPA is responsible for using sales strategies and relationship building techniques to prequalify patients for financing and scheduling appointments for dental treatment. This position acts as an extended team member of the doctor’s office.

Essential Job Duties:
  • Deploy sales strategies, prequalify patients for financing, and schedule them in the doctor’s office using virtual consultations, phone calls, emails and texts.
  • Create long standing relationships with the doctors and become an extension of their practice.
  • Maintain connection with prospective patients, keeping them motivated and excited until they are sitting in the dentist’s chair.
Expectations of the Role:
  • Passionate about developing rapport with the dental practices and the prospective patients to find out their needs, give options and help with the financial aspect of treatment.
  • Relentless with following up with leads and ensuring questions and concerns are answered in a timely manner.
  • Must have excellent communication skills, be an active listener, possess time management and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent note taking and organizational skills are essential.
  • Must be technologically savvy and have the ability to work off two computer monitors.
  • Must be available full time and able to work some evenings and weekends.

The VPA works under the supervision of the VPA Lead and communicates and works closely with the VP of Operations and sales staff.
Compensation is $22 per hour with a bonus offered per client with a 60% show rate.