What Chip and Joanna Gaines Can Teach You About Dental Implant Marketing

“We’ve all dropped anchor in places that suited us for a time. Until, Inevitably, the day came when we sensed something new stirring, and we recognized it was time to move past our comfort zones and walk bravely into the unknown.” — Joanna Gaines

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 hasn’t just changed dentistry, it has changed everything. Virtual consults became the norm in April 2020, and post-COVID buying patterns shifted to mostly online. People are in no hurry to schedule in-office dental treatment, are breaking brand loyalty in pursuit of safety and convenience, and hygiene schedules this fall are showing it. We aren’t just out of our comfort zones, we are standing smack-dab in the middle of the unknown with nothing but risk all around us.

Are patients still searching for dental implant treatment post-COVID-19?

There are still people who want and need dental treatment, but as a profession we need to adjust our marketing and systems to their new expectations. You have to meet them where they are, both emotionally and physically, to fill your pipeline again. If you don’t already have an oral health coach or virtual patient advocate on your team that can nurture people from the comfort of their home or office, you are missing out on designing some of the most fun and complex cases, simply because they are slow to say yes.

In their gorgeous high-end paper, Instagram worthy, quarterly journal Magnolia (issue no. 15 on risk), Chip and Joanna Gaines talk about the slow yes. Jo explains how easily Chip can “see the long game before the muck and weeds have a chance to blur his view.” As an opposite personality, she explains that she has to “let something grow on her, instead of making a snap judgment or unwavering conclusion at first glance.” She even mentions that she now enjoys the process of proving her first instinct wrong, no matter how long it takes.

Many of your patients are just like Joanna Gaines.

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People who have put off their dental health for a long time are not fast yes people. They are more like Jo. They are stuck in the weeds with a blurred vision of what level or type of oral health might be possible for them, based on their current beliefs. They’ve neglected their mouths for so long that they need comprehensive care; which means around six months of something they dread and fear–chair time.

You have to meet the slow yes people outside of your office and nurture them at their pace. You have to warm them up slowly, like Chip did with Joanna. She says it wasn’t love at first sight for her, but a part of her was intrigued because he spoke about the world around him “through the lens of untapped potential.” You need a team member who can do the same for your leads.

Imagine being Jo, and Chip presenting dental treatment as he does with fervor and excitement, then bouncing off to the next thing on his agenda that day. That is how our free consults look to potential patients. Full of possibility, but overwhelming from a change perspective. 

The Solution

By adding a Virtual Patient Advocate (VPA) to your team, you create a funnel for your marketing to attract the slow yes people. They need a higher level of behavioral change support. They need a professional trained in Motivational Interviewing who can help them see the beautiful finish in their minds (the long game), then guide them through the muck and weeds until they get there.

Driven Dental Implant Marketing is proud to announce a ground-breaking new program, and role, that will change the implant patient’s journey post-COVID. Every dentist’s dream is to have fully pre-qualified leads in their chair that become ideal patients. No marketing team in the country has been able to deliver; until now.

A Virtual Patient Advocate (VPA) is a highly trained treatment coordinator who has a deep understanding of behavioral change, a high level of emotional intelligence, and the coaching skills needed to deliver only qualified and engaged leads to your office for a consultation.

How to utilize a Virtual Patient Advocate without having to hire one.

We know you do not have time to nurture a “slow yes” yourself, so we’ve created a platform that handles it all for you:

  1. The marketing--to attract potential big cases in your area
  2. The COVID-safe, virtual dental visit–to attract busy professionals and consumers who fear the dentist
  3. The coaching–to help them through the change process
  4. The financial application–so that you both know (going into the consult) what they can afford
  5. The handoff–so that your authority and expertise is already established by the time the patient is in your chair

A shift has occurred. People are no longer seeing themselves as patients, but as healthcare consumers. This VPA model speaks directly to those consumers. It gives answers patients seek ahead of time and empowers them to make big changes in their lives. By the time they get to you, they will simply say, “When can we get started?”

Understandably, demand is high, so if you’d like to explore whether this is the right model for you and your practice, schedule a strategy call HERE.

As Jo says, “Without risk, I wonder if we can ever experience growth.”

Gaines, Joanna. “Slow Yes.” Magnolia Journal, issue 15, June 2020, p. 60.

Images courtesy of magnolia.com

Jamie Dooley

Jamie Dooley, RDH, BIS is a Certified Life Coach, Founding Director of National Network of Healthcare Hygienists (NNHH), and a Client Success Coach for Driven Dental Implant Marketing.

Jamie spent 15 years as a clinical hygienist before going back to school for nonprofit and healthcare administration. She has been a treatment coordinator, clinic director, and most recently a private trusted coach to some of dentistry’s biggest names. She is nationally recognized as a thought leader and change agent, who encourages personal and professional growth as the cornerstone to a fulfilling life.
Jamie Dooley, RDH, BIS is a Certified Life Coach, Founding Director of National Network of Healthcare Hygienists, and a Client Success Coach for Driven Dental Implant Marketing.

After 15 years chairside, an ache in her neck and soul prompted Jamie to go back for her bachelor degree, which propelled her into public health. After stints as a treatment coordinator, dental consultant, clinic director, and dental outreach coordinator, she followed her true passion for helping others feel satisfied and at peace with themselves by becoming a certified life and career coach.

Jamie is an author, speaker, and written goal setting expert, which she calls Manifesto writing. Her book, Self Coaching Mastery is a best seller on Amazon. Her online course 30 Day Manifesto gained acclaim from participants as a “life and career changer.” She believes that personal and professional development are continuous processes to embrace throughout a lifespan. She encourages each of us to “hear the whispers of our heart” by going within daily, and visualizing our ideal prior to any action. She teaches us how our thoughts and beliefs shape our lives, and that we are in total control over our emotions and outcomes, if we allow our higher selves to emerge and take the reins.

In 2019, Jamie started the National Network of Healthcare Hygienists. She believes every collaborative care team in the United States should have an RDH on it. She is a huge medical/dental integration proponent and innovator.

Most recently, she partnered with Driven Dental Implant Marketing to coach their offices toward success. She brings 22 years of experience in dentistry, and a successful coaching style to their already amazing team. Connect with her at jamie@drivendentalmarketing.com. To visit her website, click here

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