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Stop Generating Leads, Get Patients Instead

Dr. B Got A $53,000 Case (Paid In Full) In The First Month

Are You Experiencing Any Of These...

Symptoms Of An Outdated Dental Implant Campaign?

  • Spending lots of money & time with little to no return on investment
  • Team members are burnt-out chasing after unresponsive leads
  • Frustrated with “low quality” leads with no money, aren’t serious, or don’t show
  • Wasting valuable chair-time on consultations without case acceptance
  • Watching potential patients walk out the door with sticker-shock
  • STILL not doing the implant dentistry you want

I’m Tired Of Marketing That Doesn’t Work

You Deserve More From Your Dental Implant Marketing

Traditional dental marketing focuses on getting as many patients as possible through the door, but doesn’t prepare patients to follow through with treatment. You and your team end up with more work to do in the form of time-consuming phone calls and consultations with patients who aren’t ready for or can’t afford the treatment they need.

Our new Virtual Patient Advocate (VPA) campaigns flip the script on outdated dental marketing practices, so you can stop chasing unqualified leads and do what you do best - deliver dentistry to patients.

I’m Ready For Something New!

A Virtual Patient Advocate (VPA) Delivers Primed Patients

Where traditional dental implant marketing campaigns fall short, the Virtual Patient Advocate (VPA) shines. In terms of patient experience, VPA = VIP. They roll out the red carpet for patients seeking high-value treatment and make it easy for them to choose you. A VPA is an experienced treatment coordinator conducting virtual consultations with your patients as their dedicated guide. This allows patients the flexibility and comfort to navigate their dental journey at their own pace, and frees up you and your team to focus on delivering high-quality dental care. By the time you see the patient in your office, they’re educated, motivated, financially pre-qualified, & ready to move forward with treatment.

I Want To Work With A VPA

Our Expert VPAs Are Ready To Work With You

No need to worry about hiring and training a new team member, our VPAs are already highly experienced and knowledgeable dental treatment coordinators with proven track records of closing cases.

Edie Gibson

- 30 years of diverse, hands-on clinical and business expertise

- Certified Educator for The ICOI

 - Team Trainer for The Misch Implant Institute

Denise Snarski

- 25 years of dental knowledge

- Practice Management Coach for Fortune Management & Hygiene Mastery

- Speaker & educator for Straumann


- Affiliated with AAOSH

Kathi Carlson

- Co-Creator of “The Implant Consortium”

- Trained implant teams nationally

- Fellow & a founding Certified Educator for the ADIA

Shauna Hurst

- 20 years of dental practice experience as an RDH

- Skilled at connecting with patients

- Passionate about guiding patients to a healthy smile with implants

Leslie Icenogle

- 34 years experience as Implant Coordinator

- Practice Management Coach for the ADIA

- Member of SCN, AAOMS, AADOM, & ADMC

- Program Advisor for Care Credit

Jessica Fisher

- 23 yrs of dental experience

- Treatment Coordinator & Senior Practice Manager

- Loved by her patients

Success Stories

Dr. Bill Williams

Suwanee Dental Care, Suwanee, GA

Recently we had 2 cases from Driven Dental campaigns in our practice. One of them was the biggest day in dentistry I’ve had in 44 years. I showed that case at a lecture. It was $54,000. It was a 12 implant case with crown bridge on top of it. 

The second one was only like $30,000. It was an “all on 6” The patient actually had an alternate treatment plan from a major competitor for $19K. I believe our expert status in the marketplace because of Driven led the patient to trust us to go with the better treatment and invest more with us.

Dr. Hoda Bassiri

Fusion Dental Care, Raleigh NC

Just finished another overdenture case...How did I get this case? Driven Dental Implant Marketing!

We get so many leads everyday from them and it has been amazing... It has made my team so much better too because they now know how to filter all the calls/lead emails, etc.
Driven Dental Implant marketing also helps train our team and listens to all the calls! Team Training is super helpful.

Dr. Trent Redfearn

Fit To Smile, Highlands Ranch, CO

We have started 2 full mouth rehab cases with them. We have another case starting tomorrow that is a locator top and bottom type case. And we’ve had a couple of single tooth implants. 

We’ve gotten over a 10X ROI on our investment with them. They’ve been very quick to respond. Follow up has been amazing. Anytime we have an issue it gets taken care of right away. If you are on the fence. Don’t be.

Dr. Chanbo Sim

Family Dental Care, Merrillville IN

The typical patient treatment is anywhere between 3,000 to $15,000. In total we’ve added more than $580,000 in production to our practice from their campaigns. I would recommend Driven Dental Implant Marketing. Our practice has continued to grow substantially since we've started using their services.

Steven Horwitz, DMD

Dean Israel & Associates, Boca Raton FL

We've seen about a tenfold return on our investment. We've grown the practice's numbers by about 10%. We've done tons of All-On-4 cases, multiple $20,000 plus cases. Really it's changed the shape of the practice. We're able to keep our specialists really busy.

Dr. Yvonne Beckford

Y.E. Beckford DDS, Tucker, GA

I have never ever met a team that is so passionate and dedicated to your success. You get not only the demographic-specific marketing, you also get practice management, they train your staff, they're accountable. They truly care about you individually. They’re the real deal. I recommend them whole heartedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in this done-for-you dental implant marketing campaign?

  • Multi channel digital marketing campaign positioning your practice as the dental implant authority in your area
  • A dental implant authority website to turn your clicks into consultations
  • Real time reporting for complete campaign transparency
  • Support coach & digital resource library of checklists, guides and scripts to keep your team motivated, improve patient experience, and increase case acceptance
  • Join a purpose-driven community focused on changing patient’s lives through dentistry
  • Virtual Patient Advocate to communicate with and qualify dental implant leads on your behalf

For a full breakdown of program details, schedule a 15-minute strategy call with one of our co-founders.

How quickly can I expect to see results from the VPA dental implant marketing campaign?

It takes about 30 days to build the campaign and train your team so that you can work seamlessly with the VPA. It takes time to ramp up the campaign. Our clients typically see a positive ROI in the second month, from which point they can generally expect to see consistently positive results. Book a 15-minute strategy call for full details from one of our co-founders.

How much does the VPA dental implant marketing program cost?

This is an investment, and it may not be the right fit for every practice. Schedule an easy 15-minute strategy call with one of the co-founders of Driven Dental Marketing learn the details of the program and get all your questions answered so you can discover if it’s right for you.

Will the VPA dental implant marketing work for my practice?

Our most successful clients are general dentists who are serious about growing their practice and changing more lives with implant dentistry. We have proven results in every type of market throughout the country. The best way to find out if it will work for you is to book a 15-minute strategy call to discuss details with one of our co-founders who will learn about your and your practice as well as answer any questions you may have.