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Grow your dental practice by targeting patients Who Are actively searching for Dental Implants

...AND Get the Coaching Your Team Needs To Turn Those Leads Into Patients Who Say "YES!" To Care

your Supported Implant MarketingTM Program Includes:

A  Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Campaign

 proven to generate quality inquiries from patients in your market actively searching for teeth replacement options.

Training, Coaching, and Support

 All the best practices and guidance you need to install the habits, systems, and processes to consistently grow your implant practice. 

Start an additional 5 - 10 new implant cases each month

Drive High Value Patients To Your Practice Worth $3,500 - $50,000.  

More Single

Implant Cases

More Multiple

Implant Cases

More Over

Denture Cases

More Full

Arch Cases

add $15,000 - $30,000 or more In Production per Month To Your Schedule With Our Proven Marketing & 1 on 1 Support.

"The Ones That Are Closing Are About $10,000 Dollars On Average. It's been a great experience so far."

"They been bringing me in about 58 leads a month on average. The ones that are closing are about $10,000 dollars on average. They have worked with my staff with how to answer the phone calls and how to talk to patients about treatment. It's been a great experience so far."

— Dr. Andrew Gambrell (Columbia, SC)

"about 80 to 90% of the leads who actually schedule for the consult will end up doing some kind of treatment."

"I would say about 80 to 90% of the leads who actually schedule for the consult will end up doing some kind of treatment. We've done tons of All-On-4 cases, multiple $20,000 plus cases. Really it's changed the shape of the practice. We're able to keep our specialists really busy."

— Dr. Steven Horwitz (Boca Raton, FL)

Why Choose Us?

Driven Dental Implant Marketing ONLY focuses in helping dental practices attract and convert implant patients. It's the only segment of the market we focus on. 

After working with more than 100+ dental practices all over the US in every type of market we've developed a proven model for growing your implant practice. 

We're the only marketing agency that creates opportunity by generating a steady stream of quality dental implant patient inquiries AND helps you convert that opportunity by coaching and supporting your team to close more cases.

We're a team of dental professionals with a shared mission to change patient lives by helping them connect with the doctors that are meant to serve them.

our unique marketing approach

Google Ads Campaign For Dental Implant Patients We target patients who are actively researching dental implants or teeth replacement treatment options. Their search behavior is proof they have a dental need, they're motivated to solve that need in the near future, and they are at least aware of implants as a possible solution. This is the best audience to invest your marketing dollars.

Social Media Campaigns For Dental Implants We nurture our target audience by keeping the conversation going on social channels. Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube give you omnipresence where patients are active online. They help you build trust and authority, and educate and qualify leads. So that when they reach out to your practice they are more likely to move forward in the process.

Dental Implant Authority Website We create an additional website that only focuses on your practice's ability to deliver implant dentistry. It will help you stand out as one of the best implant providers in your market. Its YOUR unique brand, not some cookie cutter campaign. We'll showcase your before and after cases, your implant patient testimonials and reviews, your experience and education, your unique technology, and most of all your patient relationships.

Real Time Delivery Of Implant Patient Leads Lead conversion mechanisms convert online visitors to leads 4 different ways. Phone calls Web form submissions Live Chats Implant Quiz submissions These leads are delivered real time to your team so they can follow up and get patients excited to come in for implant consultations.

Crystal Clear Campaign Reporting No cryptic analytic reports.  Your team will work from a reporting dashboard that auto populates with prospective patients contact info and dental need all in one place. It's a simple, easy to navigate spreadsheet designed to help your team make sure no lead is missed. You'll know how many leads the campaign generated, who was contacted, who was booked, who showed up, how much treatment was presented, how many cases started and the value of those cases. No more guessing if your marketing efforts are generating a return.

The hidden truth about implant marketing

Truth #1:

Marketing and Lead Generation alone aren't enough to grow your implant practice.

Truth #2:

Even the best marketing has its limitations when it comes to educating & qualifying prospective patients.

Truth #3:

Marketing Can't Send You Patients. It Can Only Send You Prospects. It's Up To Your Team To Turn Prospects Into Patients Who Move Forward With Treatment.

"We developed our coaching program to help your team guide prospective patients from click to case acceptance."

— Charles Biami, Founder & CMO

our Support is the secret to your success

Get specific feedback to accelerate skill building and make sure your Team is executing on best practices

Dedicated Success Coach  One-on-On support to train your team and keep them accountable to consistently do the right things to be successful. Your coach will meet twice per month via videoconferencing and work on your teams specific sticking points. We use the reporting as a coaching tool. We'll be able to identify your teams unique strengths and weaknesses and provide the resources they need to hit their targets.

Access To Digital Training Resources Scripts, checklists, guides, and short video tips are available on demand. Everything you need to quickly install systems and processes proven to blast past common challenges and consistently increase implant patient case flow.

Invitation To Private Client Facebook group where we share best practices from our top performing offices and insights on how to solve common challenges.

Join A Community of Implant Practices  all focused on the same goal. Changing patient lives with implant dentistry and growing practice revenues by closing more cases. 

 Get Your Implant Practice Growth Plan

They're there to support me and my team. I really like working with them. We get so busy sometimes, I have to turn it off.

"They're there to support me and my team. I really like working with them. We get so busy sometimes, I have to turn it off. I don't have enough time in my schedule to handle all the leads we get from Driven Dental Marketing. And that's a great thing!"

— Dr. Gregg May (New Orleans, LA)

The investment that we've made with these guys we have gotten pretty much over a ten times ROI.

"The investment that we've made with these guys we have gotten pretty much over a ten times ROI. Working with Charles, Charlotte, and Stephanie, and Michelle has been awesome. They are very quick to respond. Anytime we have an issue it gets taken care of right away. So, if you guys are on the fence... don't be on the fence. Just sign up and get some implant patients in the chair."

— Dr. Trent Redfearn (Highlandsranch, CO)

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