Dentists: Want  more single, multiple, or full arch implant cases?

Drive 20 - 50 New Implant Patient Opportunities To Your Practice Each Month

By using proven digital marketing campaigns, designed to drive patients to your practice that are specifically looking for teeth replacement solutions.

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We've Seen About A Ten Fold Return On Our Investment.

"I would say about 80 to 90% of the leads who actually schedule for the consult will end up doing some kind of treatment. We've done tons of All-On-4 cases, multiple $20,000 plus cases. Really it's changed the shape of the practice. We're able to keep our specialists really busy."

 - Dr. Steven Horwitz, Boca Raton FL


By integrating dental implants as a specialty service into your dental practice
Target Patients Looking For Implant Treatment

Be visible where prospective patients searching for dental implants, denture relief, or full arch teeth replacement are actively searching for a trusted provider.

Stand Out As THE Implant Authority In Your Market

Be seen as the provider of choice for implant treatment even if you have a strong competitor or "implant center" in your market.

Customized Done For You Campaign Implementation

We leverage our implant marketing expertise to deliver more new patient opportunities with less effort from you and your team. This way you stay focused on what really matters: your patients. 

Transparent Actionable Reporting

Get a crystal clear picture of your marketing ROI with detailed monthly reports. Get a complete list of patients who responded to the campaign so you can follow up and maximize your results.

The Biggest Difference Is All The Support You Get!

"I have been working with Driven Dental Implant Marketing since the opening of my practice and my experience has been wonderful. I’m getting a lot of leads every month and a lot of treatment acceptance; which is wonderful. There are other companies out there who will help you with Google Ads, but the biggest difference for me is all the support you get."

Dr. Paola Bukovcan
Fort Washington, PA

Last Week We Closed About $30K Worth Of Treatment

"I've been working with Driven Dental Marketing since February of last year and they're a great company to work with. They've been bringing me in about 58 leads a month on average. The ones that are closing are about $10,000 dollars on average. We don't close all 58 people but we get a good number of people looking for dental implants every month. Last week, we closed $30,000 in treatment. Not all implants, sometimes it turns out it's bridges and partials or immediate dentures or other treatment options. So it's a great way to get good number of patients who are interested in treatment. And they have a lot support. The owners have worked with my staff with how to answer the phone calls and how to talk to patients about treatment and how to help close deals.It's been a great experience so far"

Dr. Andrew Gambrell
Columbia, SC

We've gotten pretty much over a 10x ROI

"The investment that we’ve made with these guys we have gotten pretty much over a ten times ROI. Working with Charles, Charlotte, and Stephanie, and Michelle has been awesome. They are very quick to respond. Anytime we have an issue it gets taken care of right away. So, if you guys are on the fence… don’t be on the fence. Just sign up and get some implant patients in the chair."

Dr. Trent Redfearn
Highlandsranch, CO

We get so busy sometimes, I have to turn it off.

"They’re there to support me and my team. I really like working with them. We get so busy sometimes, I have to turn it off. I don’t have enough time in my schedule to handle all the leads we get from Driven Dental Marketing. And that’s a great thing!"

Dr. Gregg May

New Orleans, LA

We've had almost 600 Leads

"We’ve been working with Driven Dental Implant Marketing for over nine months. In that time we’ve actually had almost 600 leads. Typically those leads are implant-based; however those patients may need other services as well. So it actually has provided several opportunities for treatment. The typical patient treatment is anywhere between $3,000-$15,000. Our practice has continued to grow substantially since we started using their services."

Dr. Chanbo Sim

Merrillville, IN

We Actually had to hire two new people

"We had so many new patients coming that we actually had to hire two new people. One person to handle all the phone calls and one person to handle all the flow to get them inside the practice. Our practice has increased our production by over $20,000 by all the leads that have come in from this traffic source. I’m super pumped.  We’re changing so many people’s lives. "

Dr. Anissa Holmes 


Who We Help

  start up

Just Started Placing Implants?

The fastest path to mastery is to create as much opportunity as possible to do more cases.

We'll help you stand out in your market and get patients calling you for the implant services you want to target.


Experienced but want to start consistently attracting more cases?

We'll help you implement a SYSTEM to drive high quality cases to your practice each and every month.

Double or triple the implant cases done in your practice. 


Busy but want to attract only the  best cases in your market?

We'll leverage your experience and build on your past marketing efforts to laser focus on winning the best cases in the market.

Be seen as the implant provider of choice , even if your market is highly competitive.

Dental Implant Patient Marketing Plan


If you want to get new patients, you've got to be visible first. We target the channels that prospective patients use to get their questions answered and identify the top implant dentists in their area.


One of the fastest ways to drive quality traffic is to pay for it.'ve got to do it right. We set up laser targeted, cost effective PPC campaigns for dental implant patients


We have meticulously tested the ads, website copy and offers that have proven to generate quality dental implant leads in markets all across the USA.


We design and deploy a landing page or mini-site branded just for your practice that focuses on dental implant and related services to maximize lead conversion


We manage the campaign to maximize your return on your advertising budget by driving phone calls, chat leads, and appointment requests directly to your scheduling team.


We train on best phone practices for dental implant patient conversions and provide a proven action blueprint for follow up. So you get more patients in the chair that accept more treatment.

Your Dental Implant Marketing Partner

Charles Biami

Charles Biami, Founder

Chief Dental Marketing Manager

Charles Biami is the founder and chief marketing manager of Driven Dental Marketing, a dental marketing agency that focuses solely on helping dentists attract and convert high value dental implant patients.

We use digital marketing campaigns to affordably and consistently drive 5 - 10 new dental implant cases to the practice each month. These cases range in value from $2,500 to $50,000 in production. Just 2 - 3 new patients each month can result in a massive ROI and significant practice growth.

Elijah Desmond

Founding Partner

Elijah Desmond, former dental hygienist, dental speaker and serial dental entrepreneur. Uses his experience, dental knowledge and passion for changing lives to help dentists drive more high value cases to their practice.

We're passionate about helping dentists massively grow their practice and make a bigger impact on their patients lives by focusing on attracting big cases. Find out how we can help you stand out in your market and attract more high quality dental patients.

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