Discover the reasons why your current airway marketing efforts aren't getting you the patients you need...

...and how you can effectively build up your practice as the dental sleep medicine authority in your marketplace to attract & convert more airway patients.  

Signs Your Current Airway Marketing Isn't Working...

  • Receiving a lukewarm response from your existing patient base to airway diagnosis & treatment
  • Investing lots of time & money into building relationships with local physicians with little to no referrals
  • Frustrated with wasting valuable chair-time explaining airway treatment to patients who are only interested in "dental" work 
  • Tired of watching potential patients walk out the door with life-threatening airway conditions

Not seeing the airway patients you want? 

I Recommend Driven Because Of The One Thing You Should Expect From ALL Marketing Companies—Results!

I have worked with hundreds of marketing companies. I recommend Driven because of the one thing you should expect from ALL marketing companies—results! Knowing WHAT to do and even HOW to do it is only part of the equation when looking for a marketing company. WHY you do it gets results. Driven gets the WHY!"

Bryan Ferre

Former Chief Evangelist at Vivos Therapeutics, Inc

Patients need to be educated & guided to understand the airway connection

Effective Airway Marketing Educates Patients

In order for airway patients to say yes to your treatment plan, they need to understand three important things:

  1. The symptoms that they've been experiencing are all connected to the root cause of a compromised airway.
  2. The best medical professional to help them solve their problem is an airway dentist.
  3. There are effective dental treatment options available for their medical problem

Driven Dental Airway Marketing educates & nurtures patients with an omnipresent digital content campaign that helps the connect the dots.

5 to 1 return on our investment

We felt the pains of trying to do marketing ourselves and realized it was easier and more cost effective to turn it over to the professionals at Driven Dental Airway Marketing. We ran about a 5 to 1 return on our investment, so I'm happy with it."

Mike Shaw

Sleep 63

New York, NY

Meet The Patients Where They Are

If you want consistent airway patients in your practice, you have to market for them the right way... by targeting the symptoms the patients are experiencing & actively searching for help with online.

We put you in front of patients everywhere they're looking with our multi-channel content marketing campaign, and highlighting your successful treatment of cases just like theirs. 

Our dental sleep medicine campaigns target patients struggling with sleep apnea looking for C-PAP alternatives as well as symptoms they may think are unrelated, such as TMJ, ADHD, behavioral problems, bedwetting, ortho, daytime fatigue, mouth breathing, snoring, and more.

Patients searching for solutions for their symptoms don't yet know that a compromised airway may be the root cause.

Quality care patients that know what they're looking for

Through Driven Dental, we get a quality care patient, they know what they are looking for. Just because of Driven Dental, we started building a new office because we have outgrown."

Dr. Prashant Patel

Fern Creek Dentistry

Statesville, NC

What’s Included In Your Airway Marketing Campaign?

Target the right patients with a hyper-focused comprehensive digital marketing campaign

Our multi-channel digital marketing strategies target patients actively searching for solutions to the symptoms you treat on Google Search, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Position your practice as the dental implant authority in your area with a custom website

We build out an amazing custom website that turns clicks from those targeted ads into conversations with prospective new patients.

Maximize lead contact & conversion with our customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Our intuitive CRM helps manage conversations with prospective patients on the channels they use: chats, text, email, inbound & outbound phone calls, all aggregated in one place.

Set your team up for success with resources & best practices with our support

Support coaching & digital resource library of checklists, guides and scripts to keep your team motivated, improve patient experience, and increase case acceptance.

Their system for leads is amazing

We love the support we get from their staff, we think it's really nice to have that personal relationship with someone. Even though they're this company, they have real people working for them. Their system for their leads is amazing, you can track everything - the doctor loves the metrics! We love Driven!"

Lee Danner

Danner Dental

Canton, OH

Why Partner With Driven?

We've been successfully marketing in specialty markets since 2018 with proven results (and happy clients) in every type of market throughout the country.

Our intimate familiarity with the challenges faced by dental practices today yields powerful insights that we leverage into unique campaign strategies.

It can be a frustratingly long journey from click to case acceptance. Our systems address the most common challenges for the patients as well as supporting your practice in implementation.

As a team of dental professionals & marketing experts, we understand the dental patient better than any other agency.

Driven Dental really cares about your success

We have been with Driven Dental for over 3 years with a lot of success. Driven Dental really cares about the success of your practice and have been great to work with over the years.

Dr. Andrew Gambrell

Elite Smiles Dental, P.A.

Columbia, SC

If you're serious about changing more lives with sleep dentistry, book a strategy call

Start Driving More Airway Patients To Your Practice

If you need a game plan for attracting high-value airway patients, or need help fixing an ineffective dental sleep medicine campaign, a strategy call with one of our experts is the next best step.

If you're serious about growing your practice and changing more lives with sleep dentistry, book a 15-minute strategy call with one of our co-founders.

Every single one of you should literally be scheduling a consultation

I love what Driven has done in the implant world, and I love that they've taken it and now brought it to airway. I can wholeheartedly say every single one of you should literally be scheduling a consultation... there's no reason for you not to."

Dr. Avi Weisfogel

International Academy of Sleep

Old Bridge, NJ


Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.