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Dental Practice Marketing Reviews

"We went live about 3 months ago. And our results have been pretty phenomenal really. As of a couple weeks ago, we have closed on total of $100,000. Within a little more than a month we had those big cases coming in and we were able to close on those. It was pretty amazing.I knew how to do the case presentations. But I just wasn’t having the patients in my practice normally. So once I signed up with them, they broadened the marketing and broadened patients. It’s been awesome. I’m very excited about it."

Dr. Mike Dostal

Mill Creek Dental, Shawnee KS

"I've been working with Driven Dental Marketing since February of last year. They've been bringing me in about 58 leads a month on average. The ones that are closing are about $10,000dollars on average. We don't close all 58 people but we get a good number of people looking for dental implants every month. Last week, we closed $30,000 in treatment. It's not all implants, sometimes it turns out it's bridges and partials or immediate dentures or other treatment options. So it's a great way to get good number of patients who are interested in treatment. And they have a lot support. The owners have worked with my staff with how to answer the phone calls and how to talk to patients about treatment and how to help close deals. It's been a great experience so far.”

Dr. Andrew Gambrell

Elite Smiles, Columbia SC

"I have been working with Driven from the beginning, since the opening of my practice and my experience has been wonderful.I'm getting a lot of leads every month, a lot of patients coming in every month and a lot of treatment acceptance, which is wonderful..The biggest difference for me working with them is all the support that you get. They're not only going to run your ads.They're also going to support you and your team in how to approach the patient, how to take care of the phone calls when they come in, how to respond to some of the most common things that the patients say when they're not sure about treatment. They're really invested in you, really invested in your practice.They really want to make you succeed and that for me is super, super important. You see it in the results!"

Dr. Paola Bukovcan
Sleek Smile Studio, Southampton, PA

"I started with Driven Dental about Four months ago. It was a month and a half before we closed on about $70,000worth of cases. Not every patient is going to be a full arch case. We give 'em different options based on their situation in life.We’ve had a lot of single units, multiple implants, implant with a graft along with it. They've been great at bringing people in and having Driven Dental coach our team as far as the phone calls. We hired a new person for just the leads. That made a huge difference because there's a lot of leads that come in.I'm very happy. Last month, we had about 90 leads."

Dr. Erfan ImeniSmile

Design Family & Cosmetic Dentistry,Durham NC

"Within our first month of working with Driven DentalImplant Marketing we brought in patients and profited $14,000+ and have more cases on the way!As a general dentist placing implants I am always hesitant on trying new marketing trends.Our phone rings at least once a day now with implant calls! I’m stoked as I just scheduled 3 more implants. Based on my personal experience, I would be happy to recommend Charles and his team to anyone who wants to grow their implant practice.”

Dr. Gregg May DDS
Deep South Dentistry, Ponchatoula LA

"They're really good at getting patients in the door and getting those big cases. They are REALLY good about keeping the team accountable. I think Stephanie probably messaged me more than my own spouse does about these meetings. And she works with our team and that's the big thing. You work with a team to make sure that when they get the leads, we are able to convert.No other marketing company really does that. They make sure that our team closes those deals."

Dr. Glenn Vo
Denton Smiles Dentistry, Denton, TX

"I started using Driven Dental Marketing inside of my practice a few months ago and let me tell you what happened. We had so many new patients coming in that we actually had to hire two new people, one person just to handle the phone calls and one person to be able to handle all the flow to be able to get them inside of the practice. Our practice has increased our production by over $20,000with all of the leads that have come in from this traffic. My team is excited and so amazing things are happening.We're changing so many people's lives. Without DrivenDental Implant Marketing this would not have happened.”

Dr. Anissa Holmes

Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services, Jamaica

"We started on May 1st. I can speak with authority on how its working in my practice. If you are interested in getting more dental implants into your practice you very, very much need to check out Driven DentalImplant Marketing. They are Fantastic!Yesterday I only had 1 consult, I closed a $20,000case. Today I had 4 consults scheduled. 1 no-showed ,the other I closed a 10,000 case and I have 2 more consults to go this afternoon. I am really excited by their guarantee. I've been very happy with them.”

Dr. Christopher Hoffpauir
Winning Smiles, Alvin TX

"I have never ever met a team that is so passionate and dedicated to your success. You get not only the demographic-specific marketing, you also get practice management, they train your staff, they're accountable.They truly care about you individually.We had a slow start at first, but they have coached us, they did coach us, they’re still coaching us. And we are starting to see some real results. We just booked our first larger case for $16,000. They’re the real deal. I recommend them whole heartedly."

Dr. Yvonne Beckford
Y.E. Beckford DDS, Tucker, GA

"We contracted Driven Dental Marketing with the goal of increasing the number of implants that the practice was placing. Since then, actually we've been blown away by the results. We've seen about a tenfold return on our investment. We've grown the practice's numbers by about 10%.I would say about 80 to 90% of the leads who actually schedule for the consult will end up doing some kind of treatment. We've done tons of All-On-4 cases, multiple$20,000 plus cases. Really it's changed the shape of the practice. We're able to keep our specialists really busy.”

Steven Horwitz, DMD
Dean Israel & Associates, Boca Raton FL

"In the last 9 months we’ve received more than 600 leads.Typically those leads are implant based, however the patients often need other services as well, so it actually has provided several opportunities for treatment.The typical patient treatment is anywhere between 3,000to $15,000. In total we’ve added more than $120,000 in production to our practice from their campaigns. I would definitely recommend Driven Dental Implant Marketing.Our practice has continued to grow substantially since we've started using their services.”

Dr. Chanbo Sim
Family Dental Care, Merrillville IN

"Recently we had 2 cases from Driven Dental campaigns in our practice. One of them was the biggest day in dentistry I’ve had in 44 years. I showed that case at a lecture. It was $54,000. It was a 12 implant case with crown bridge on top of it.The second one was only like $30,000. It was an “all on 6”The patient actually had an alternate treatment plan from a major competitor for $19K. I believe our expert status in the marketplace because of Driven led the patient to trust us to go with the better treatment and invest more with us."

Dr. Bill Williams
Suwanee Dental Care, Suwanee, GA

"We started with them a few months ago. It took about a month to get everything up and running, to get the funnels and the ads written and approved. Ever since then in the last 3 months we have started 2 full mouth rehab cases with them. We have another case starting tomorrow that is a locator top and bottom type case. And we’ve had a couple of single tooth implants.We’ve gotten over a 10X ROI on our investment with them. Working with Charles, Charlotte, Stephanie, andMichelle. They’ve been very quick to respond. Follow up has been amazing. Anytime we have an issue it gets taken care of right away.If you are on the fence. Don’t be.”

Dr. Trent Redfearn

Fit To Smile, Highlands Ranch, CO

"Just finished another over denture case...How did I get this case? Driven Dental Implant Marketing!We get so many leads everyday from them and it has been amazing... It has made my team so much better too because they now know how to filter all the calls/lead emails, etc.Driven Dental Implant marketing also helps train our team and listens to all the calls! Team Training is super helpful.”

Dr. Hoda Bassari
Fusion Dental Care, Raleigh NC