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Building An Implant Practice Post-COVID-19

If the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown your plan to build a dental implant practice off-track, you’re not alone. With weeks of shutdowns and limited care, growing a dental implant practice had to pause for many practices. But as safety measures were put in place and treatments for COVID-19 developed, highly productive practices have noticed even […]

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Post-Covid-19 Dental Patient Buying Patterns

Coronavirus impacted few industries more than dental practices. Retail establishments and restaurants could shift to curbside or takeout. Office workers could work from home. But dental practices needed to close completely or do only emergency dentistry. Many practices closed for weeks—some for months. Others shifted their marketing strategies to intentionally building emergency dentistry, through proven […]

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Marketing Opportunities for Today and the Future with Dr. Paul Goodman of Dental Nachos

Driven Dental Implant Marketing’s founder, Charles Biami, recently had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Paul Goodman of Dental Nachos. The topic? Why and how dental practices can benefit from proven emergency dentistry marketing strategies both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. If you haven’t had a chance to hear Dr. Goodman’s excitement about […]

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Three Signs You’ve Been “Hope Marketing”

If two practices want to attract the same patients at the same time, why would one regularly close high-value cases while the other struggle—even if it hires a “dental marketing agency” to help? It all comes down to the difference between hope marketing and using proven methods to expect positive results. Practices that get the […]

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