After A Slow Start, $130,000 In Implant Cases Closed In A 3 Week Period

Dr. Ned Paniagua, Dr. Frank Finazzo and their team at Blue House Dentistry had become frustrated with their dental marketing efforts. While they had multiple frustrations, their primary problem was standing out in the crowded Southern California market. Their general practice had tried a number of ways to increase profits in the fiercely-competitive and saturated Southern California market but nothing worked. 

They were working way too hard to continue to struggle to increase their profits. To make matters worse, they had just spent thousands of dollars trying to get an implant practice off the ground, to no avail. They went through multiple dental marketing companies, each of whom burned through piles of cash generating very few leads. 

Within months of launching their implant marketing campaign with Driven Dental Implant Marketing, the practice experienced a win much greater than they imagined: ultimately closing $130,000 in implant cases in a three-week timeframe.

Here’s how we were able to make that happen when other marketing campaigns could not.

Problem: The Need To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

Way too many marketing companies rush to get ads live. While a sense of urgency to launch is understandable, it can set the client up for failure — especially in a crowded market. You need more pieces in place before getting your ads live to stand out.

A rushed cookie cutter campaign led to Dr. Paniagua becoming very frustrated with his marketing results. He wasted a lot of time and money on leads that were never going to move forward with treatment. Like many doctors in crowded markets, he was wondering whether the market was just too crowded for him to stand out.

That’s because patients in a crowded market know they have options. Unless they know from your ad and the related materials that you are the right practice for them, they will click away and keep looking.

Solution: A Marketing Partner With A Targeted Approach

We get our clients better (and more consistent results) by building them a multi-channel marketing campaign targeted toward patients who are looking for implant treatment.  Our methods work so well because we focus on attracting and nurturing the exact leads you want. 

From beginning to end, every piece of your campaign is consistent and customized to fit your practice’s unique needs. It is also continuously improved, as we collect data and make adjustments to consistently attract more, more consistent, and better leads. But once it’s optimized, your campaign works better and more consistently than most practices believe is possible.


Driven Dental Marketing Co-Founder

"There’s no one-size-fits all implant marketing campaign. You need a partner that's willing to make the necessary adjustments and stay the course."

In a crowded market, building an authority-building micro-website specific to implants is critical. A micro-website is just a simple website that’s pared down to focus entirely on one procedure—in this case dental implants. It demonstrates authority and specialization that makes leads comfortable reaching out instead of clicking away to look at other options.

Another benefit of the micro-website was that we can create custom contact information for the implant marketing campaign. Because Driven Dental Implant Marketing’s Virtual Patient Advocates prescreened leads on behalf of Dr. Paniagua, we used unique contact information that allowed us to answer calls from leads and helped avoid having leads who weren’t ready to move forward with treatment disrupt the practice.

Results: $130,000 in Production in Less Than a Three-Week Timeframe

While the process works better and more consistently than other methods, it’s important to know that achieving results like those achieved by Dr. Paniagua can take a little time.

Over the first few months, the results were what we expected. Leads called but many of them were not ready to move forward. The ones who were, got passed along to the practice. And the revenue from those cases covered the practices expenses while we optimized the campaign.

But after a few short months, all that planning and optimizing paid off for Blue House Dentistry as they generated approximately $130,000 in production — mostly paid in cash — in less than three weeks.

“While it’s not very sexy, the truth is the first few months of an effective implant marketing campaign move slowly while we make a series of micro-adjustments to the campaign,” conceded Charles Biami. 

“After a few months, our clients’ patience starts to pay-off, as the benefits of all of those micro-adjustments allow us to deliver a steady flow of only highly targeted, prequalified implant leads to our clients who have financing or cash in hand and just need to meet their doctor to decide to move forward.”

Unlike other marketing strategies, our process ends up generating only high quality leads for the practice. Those leads come in ready to spend with a general understanding of how much their treatment will cost. They just need final guidance from the doctor. And because they come to the practice through our proprietary process, they come into your practice having a lot of respect for the doctor. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these leads to move forward with the doctor’s treatment plan even if the plan includes more than just implants.

In fact, the $130,000 collected by Dr. Paniagua included a lot of restorative production and even some perio. A couple of the patients had been looking for alternative treatment plans from all-on-fours and were delighted when Dr. Paniagua offered alternatives that helped them save some of their teeth.

In the end, all of the treatment added up and Dr. Paniagua collected approximately $130,000 from just a handful of leads in just a few short weeks.

What’s Possible for Your Dental Practice

When you follow a proven, customizable implant marketing plan, the sky’s the limit. After following the marketing process and spending a few months optimizing results, it’s not uncommon for practices to generate a steady flow of high-value leads who have cash or financing in place and just need to get comfortable with the doctor before moving forward.

And while it can take a few months before results really take off, once you optimize your campaign, your implant marketing campaign and Virtual Patient Advocate team can become the most profitable part of your entire practice.

If you’re looking for results like those achieved by Blue House Dentistry, book a free strategy call with our team today. We’ll work hard to make you our next case study because of the results we are able to achieve for you, too.

Over this past month, we have over $110,000 of treatment

We wanted to increase our comprehensive and implant dentistry case. After several attempts with other companies that were unsuccessful, we found Driven. Our area's super competitive... at the beginning, it was a little bit of a rocky start. We were getting cases here and there, but nothing dramatic, it was basically paying for itself. Over this past month, we have over $110,000 of treatment that has been the direct result of Driven Dental Marketing. These are cases that are actually paid for and treatment has started.

Dr. Frank Finazzo

Blue House Dentistry

Claremont, CA


Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.