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Increase Case Acceptance Checklist For Dental Implant Practice

Learn To Turn Your Consults Into Paying Patients 

...and get a FREE COURSE from Paul Homoly!

It’s essential to understand learning the case acceptance process for implant dentistry is very similar to learning its clinical aspects. Learn to grow your practice's acceptance rate by following this quick checklist overview of Paul Homoly's Case Acceptance for Implant Dentistry ...AND get FREE ACCESS to his course.

What You'll Get Our Of This Checklist:

  • Understand the differences between implant patients and general dentistry patients.
  • Gain Free Access To The Full Course By Paul Homoly At No Cost!
  • Set up your practice to make it easy for them to move forward.
  • Use the "Four Chiefs conversation" to help them feel understood.

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...and gain FREE ACCESS to Paul Homoly's Course!