DSO Location Adds Estimated $589,759* Value With Virtual Patient Advocate (VPA) Implant Marketing Program

*This increase in valuation estimate is calculated with the assumption of a 30% net profit from campaign production. The campaign's average monthly revenue is used to determine the total annual profit. An industry average multiplier (for a single location) of 5.5 is applied to reach the final valuation estimate.

About Dr. TJ Dorsey

Dr. TJ Dorsey sought to increase the value of his busy DSO practice location in Ocoee, Florida. He knew that adding more high-production dental implant procedures would be an efficient way to grow his practice while performing his favorite type of life-changing dentistry.

Dr. Dorsey quickly discovered how challenging it is to implement an implant-specific marketing campaign. He ran into roadblocks getting the conversion numbers necessary to achieve his growth goals. His team was struggling to keep up with all of the labor-intensive lead follow-up, and he was wasting chair time with unqualified patients.

After a recommendation from a colleague, he signed up for Driven Dental Implant Marketing's Virtual Patient Advocate (VPA) program.

So far, his location has increased its estimated value by more than half a million dollars, without any additional burden to him or his team.

The Challenge

Dr. Dorsey needed an efficient way to drive practice growth with dental implant procedures. He learned that having his own team manage the leads associated with an implant marketing campaign is inefficient and costly.

The practice location was already plenty busy, so flooding his team with the additional time-consuming task of following up with all of the leads (on top of their regular job duties) was leading to burnout. He and his team learned that patients looking for an implant dentist need much more hand-holding than the dental patient looking for routine care. 

Prospective implant patients have questions about treatment, need to be comfortable with the doctor they choose, and they need help understanding costs, including how to to fit treatment into their budgets.

Without giving potential implant patients the proper time and attention, Dr. Dorsey discovered that he was wasting valuable time in consults that went nowhere.

The Solution

After a trusted colleague from the same group shared the success they were having, Dr. Dorsey enrolled in the VPA program.

Driven deployed a targeted multi-channel marketing campaign to bring in a steady stream of leads that were specifically interested in implant treatment.

Driven's team of dedicated VPA's worked as additional team members of the practice, handling all of the lead follow-up. They took time to pre-educate, pre-sell, and financially pre-qualify, before handing the patient off to the office for a consult appointment.

The Results

Dr. Dorsey's campaign was a quick success, with $80,400 of implant production in the second full month of going live. The campaign has continued to perform consistently, averaging $30K in production per month.

Dr. Dorsey found The VPA program to be the fastest path to achieving his practice growth goals.

Instead of chasing unresponsive leads and losing op production from consults that don't convert, he and his team are able to focus their efforts on continuing to deliver a great patient experience.


Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.