3 No-Brainer Reasons To Employ a Content Marketing Strategy For Your Dental Implant Practice

August 12, 2021

For dental practices looking to increase the quantity and quality of implant leads, content marketing may be the missing piece of the puzzle. 

If you’ve never heard of content marketing as a term, it’s pretty simple: consistently creating and sharing content your ideal patient will want to read. In that regard, it’s closely related to the idea of using an authority marketing strategy to gain influence in your community. In each, crafting quality content helps build your implant practice and can be an important and effective way to get more dental implant patients.

Practices that don’t use content marketing could be missing out on a number of benefits no matter what type of practice they’re building. Here are three reasons employing a content strategy for your implant practice is a no-brainer.

Content Marketing Boosts Website Traffic

According to BrightLocal research, 93% of consumers used the internet to find local businesses in 2020. How do search engines choose what websites to feature on the search results? One of the biggest influences is content.

Websites with up-to-date blogs tend to outperform those with outdated blogs, or no blog at all. Blog posts help you insert keywords into the headers and body text of your website that match the ones your potential patients use when they search. 

Additionally, Google has stated that they want helpful, authoritative content to rank at the top of searches, so they are training their engine to give that kind of content a higher rank. All this leads to more visitors on your website, leads that may become your patient.

Finally, the more content you create for your website, the more content you will be able to share on your social media channels. Sharing content on your social channels helps you reach even more potential patients. And it’s all made possible by consistently creating quality content as part of a well-designed content marketing strategy.

Quality Content Demonstrates Your Authority and Expertise

While generating traffic is important, what happens with that traffic is even more important. When done well, your content helps build you as an authority in your community and expert in your field. It lets prospective patients know they can stop looking for an implant dentist because there’s nobody better than you. To achieve this result, consistently create content that answers common questions and lets patients know they are in good hands. 

This doesn’t mean creating a volume of technical articles, either. Instead, treat your articles like you would treat an ideal patient sitting in your chair. What questions do they ask? What questions should they ask but don’t think about? And what obstacles do they experience moving forward with treatment? Take notes of every question your patients ask about getting implants. Those are gold when it comes to creating content.

Cultivate Stronger Relationships With Leads and Patients

If patients come to your website and feel as if you’re reading their minds by answering questions even before they ask them, they will begin to trust you before ever walking through your door. They will know they are dealing with an expert who understands the process and the real-world obstacles they face. And, when they do come to your office, they will come in already more likely to move forward with treatment if they have spent time on your website reading your content. Why? Because you will have already built rapport with them through your content.

That rapport leads to trust. And that trust leads to patients being more ready to move forward with treatment. This is especially important for complex procedures like implants. The decision to get dental implants (or any large procedure) is often stressful and scary for the patient. Your blog will help you show that you know what you’re doing and you understand them and their concerns.

Driven Dental Can Help You Turn Your Content into a Consistent Flow of Implant Patients

If you want to kick your practice into overdrive, using content marketing is a no-brainer because it improves your dental marketing on so many levels. Schedule a free strategy call with us, today, and we can walk you through how we can help create a marketing strategy that utilizes all the benefits of content marketing. We only use implant marketing strategies that have been proven to generate a consistent flow of high-quality implant patients.


Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.


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Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.