3 Parts of a High-Profit Dental Implant Practice

Adding dental implants to a general practice is one of the easiest ways to increase revenue. Many dentists refer dental implant cases to specialists already. Keeping a small percentage of cases in-house is a simple way to get started. As you grow your capabilities, you can grow your profits.

Some dentists can even build a high-profit implant practice in just a few years. Dr. Russell Mann generated over $450,000 in annual implant revenue after only three years.

Any general dentist can join the lucrative world of implant dentistry. All it takes is building your training in three key areas. Together, these key areas form the three parts of a high-profit dental implant practice.

1. Clinical Mastery

Clinical mastery is a key part of unlocking dental implant profits. General dentists refer implant cases to specialists as a matter of habit. For decades, general dentists built deep relationships with patients. They performed low-revenue procedures like fillings and cleanings. They dealt with insurance oversight, shrinking reimbursements, and skyrocketing costs. But when a dental implant became necessary, a specialist reaped the benefits.

There’s no reason general dentists cannot place implants in-house. In fact, keeping implants in-house benefits both the dentist and patients.

You can learn everything you need to know to start in a matter of days. For example, Dr. Arun Garg offers two-day dental implant training. That will give you everything you need to perform up to 20% of implant cases. He’s even offering his training on the Dental Implant cruise to Cuba and the Bahamas in November.

As you continue your training, you’ll be able to keep a higher percentage of cases in-house. You’ll also be able to perform more complex, higher-revenue cases.

2. Marketing

Dentists who rely on keeping their own implant cases in-house can be at a big disadvantage. This is true for several reasons.

For example, relying on in-house cases can be unpredictable. You can’t predict exactly when you’ll have implant needs. When you do, you can’t control whether the cases will fit your clinical training level.

Also, you need to practice and improve your skills to grow your implant practice. Thus, you’ll need a steady and more predictable flow of implant cases than you can rely on with in-house cases.

Finally, attracting a steady flow of implant cases helps you reduce your low-fee work. Thus, lucrative implant cases can help you make more money in less time. That frees time up to continue your clinical training to be able to perform more implant cases.

Marketing will become even more important as more dentists start performing implants in-house. A systematized, proven marketing system is key. Otherwise, you can waste time and money on ineffective or labor-intensive marketing.

Your marketing system must target cases that match your clinical training level. Otherwise, you’ll spend time and money attracting cases you’ll need to refer out.

Attracting a steady flow of appropriate implant cases is key to growing your revenue. It also helps you improve your clinical skills. Every case your system brings in is another one you can use to gain experience.

You can learn our proven implant dentistry marketing system on the Dental Implant cruise. If you want to get started sooner, contact us directly to discuss how we can help.

3. Team Training

The third part of a high-profit implant practice is your team training. Clinical training and the right marketing system can help you attract a steady flow of cases. But your team must also understand implant dentistry from an administrative perspective. They need to know what to do when implant patients call. They need to understand case presentation. All staff and doctors need to understand implant pricing.

Make sure everyone understands your practice’s policies on handling implant case inquiries. You will have invested so much time and money to attract implant cases by this point. If you don’t train your staff, your return on your clinical and marketing investments will suffer.

You can learn more about systems for closing implant cases on the Dental Implant cruise, too. Of course, feel free to contact us directly if you need help before then.

Putting Together the Pieces of Your Implant Dentistry Practice

Many dentists can get started with implant dentistry with little effort. Implant dentistry training and placing existing in-house cases can get you started. But you need two more pieces to maximize your implant dentistry profits.

First, systematized, proven marketing systems will attract a steady stream of appropriate cases. That will improve your clinical skills and allow you to handle even more cases.

Second, staff training will help you close the cases you’ve invested so much time and money to attract. Closing more cases will help you continue to improve your skills. It will also allow you to free up more time to continue formal clinical training.

These three pieces work together to build a systematized, high-profit implant dentistry practice. That’s why we made these three pieces the focus of our Dental Implant cruise to Cuba and the Bahamas.

We partnered with the leading expert in implant dentistry training, Dr. Arun Garg. He’ll conduct his Continuum dental implant training to teach you clinical skills. We at Driven Dental Marketing will teach you marketing and team-training systems. You’ll learn everything you need to attract, close, and start performing implant cases.

Sean Manion

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