4 Ways to Learn Implant Dentistry from the Leading Trainer in the World

Few dental procedures are as rewarding for patients and profitable for dentists as dental implants. Dental implants transform patients’ lives. They get to eat virtually anything they want again. They get to toss their dentures. They get to smile confidently again. Their whole quality of life improves.

Implant dentistry can also transform a general practice. For example, we recently interviewed Dr. Arun Garg about implant dentistry. Dr. Garg is the leading implant dentistry trainer in the world. He’s helped over 10,000 dentists add implant dentistry to their practices through in-person workshops alone. We broadcasted the interview live on our Facebook page. Several dentists joined, including Dr. Russell Mann, one of Dr. Garg’s former students.

Here’s what Dr. Mann said about adding implant dentistry to his practice:

“I completed my entire curriculum approximately three years ago. Started with the basics of socket preservation and grew my implant practice from there. Last year, we produced over $450,000 in implant services alone! Best decision I ever made since dental school. Has changed my practice and my life. Thank you!”

By adding implant dentistry to his practice, Dr. Mann saw over $450,000 in added revenue last year alone. Even better, he did so while helping patients transform their lives.

Yet many general dentists refer their implant cases to specialists. The truth is, all general dentists have the skills it takes to place dental implants. When you’re starting, you might keep only basic cases and refer the more complex ones out. As your clinical training improves, you’ll be able to keep more complex cases in-house.

That’s how Dr. Mann said he got to $450,000 in annual implant services revenue in approximately three years. He started with the basics and grew from there. In three years, he changed his practice and his life while changing his patients’ lives, too.

Here are four ways to get clinical training from Dr. Garg just like Dr. Mann did. Whether you have little experience or have performed hundreds of cases, one or more of Dr. Garg’s trainings can help.

Two Seminars for Dentists Who Are Just Getting Started with Implant Dentistry

If you’re just getting started with implant dentistry, Dr. Garg offers two options that can help.

Continuum Training

Dr. Garg holds two-day Continuum trainings at locations across the United States.

You’ll learn everything you need to keep 10% to 20% of your implant cases in-house. You’ll learn treatment planning, patient evaluation, socket grafting, and more. You’ll even get step-by-step instructions on implant placement.

These two-day intensive trainings are enough for dentists to get started and keep a small percentage of implant cases in-house.

Dental Implant Cruise to Cuba and the Bahamas

Driven Dental Marketing teamed up with Dr. Garg to offer his Continuum training as part of a four-day Dental Implant cruise to Cuba and the Bahamas.

In addition to Dr. Garg’s Continuum training, you’ll learn marketing and conversion strategies. In the bonus training, you’ll learn about phone strategies, case presentation, pricing, and more. These additional trainings will help you attract more implant cases to your office. They will also help you prepare your team to help you close and keep more cases in-house.

Best of all, you’ll learn all this while still having plenty of time to relax and enjoy a special trip to Cuba and the Bahamas.

Seminar for Dentists Who Have Placed at Least 50–100 Implants

If you’re already placing implants or want to keep more than 20% of your implant patients in-house, Dr. Garg’s Master Series is for you. The Master Series training includes eight classes conducted over four, two-day sessions.

The Master Series features comprehensive lectures on bone grafting, ridge spreading and splitting, PRP, lateral and crestal sinus lifts, bone blocks, soft tissue procedures, guided surgery, immediate extraction, and more!

The Master Series is for dentists who want to handle about 40% or 50% of their implant cases and refer out the rest.

Live Training for Dentists Who Have Placed Over 100 Implants

If you’ve already placed over 100 implants and want to take your implant dentistry to the next level, Dr. Garg’s Live Dental Implant Training might be for you.

Dr. Garg’s live training helps you apply what you learned in the Continuum or Masters Series. It gives you an opportunity to place implants on actual patients in a supervised setting. You’ll learn in a state-of-the-art clinic while providing free services to needy patients in the Dominican Republic.

The facility includes twenty-six dental chairs in a free standing, three-story building. The equipment is all brand-new, with American CAT scanners, American SERC machines, American lasers, and endodontic microscopes.

You’ll have the opportunity to place up to thirty implants under the supervision of Dr. Garg’s staff. Cases are even organized by skill level to give the right amount of challenge for your comfort level.

Live Dental Training is even suitable for dentists who have placed more than 500 implants and do sinus lifts and bone grafts. After completing this training, you could keep up 70% or even 80% of your implant cases in-house.

Get Ready to Change Lives While Going from Producing $250 per hour to up to $2,500 per hour.

Adding or growing your implant dentistry practice is simple. You already have the underlying skills and talents.

You’re only the right clinical training, marketing, and staff training away. With that in place, you can start attracting high-impact implant cases to your practice right away.

If you’re just getting started, the Implant Dentistry Cruise to Cuba and the Bahamas will give you all the tools you need.

Sean Manion

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