How To Build The Ultimate Dental Implant Practice with Dr. Philip Gordon

Do you want to grow your dental implant practice and increase case acceptance for high-value cases? If so, you’re going to enjoy this exciting episode of Driven Dental Marketing with our special guest, Dr. Philip Gordon.

Dr. Philip Gordon received his DDS degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry Dental School. Since then, he has opened his own practice in Leawood, Kansas called “Gordan Dental of Leawood”  

Dr. Philip Gordon takes hundreds of hours of continuing education each year in implant and cosmetic dentistry to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest technology, techniques, and advancements in dentistry. He enjoys his role as a general dentist but has a particular interest in implant dentistry, which fuels his inspiration for his dental implant podcast, Dental Implant Practices

To Listen to the podcast episode click on the podcast player above or to watch a video of our discussion, hit play below:

In the podcast and video, we discussed:

[00:18] Introducing our special guest, Dr. Philip Gordon

[03:16] Financial advice when it comes to purchasing expensive dental technology such as a Cone Beam CT

[05:34] The value of mentorship and investing in CE for yourself and your practice

[07:11] Dr. Philip Gordon’s journey from graduation to specializing in dental implants

[09:58] The first steps of the implant pathway including developing your confidence, finding a mentor, starting with single implants and investing in MORE training

[14:47] How to create a vision for your dental implant practice

[16:52] Opportunities for general dentists to start doing more dental implants

[22:00] How to increase implant case flow and new implant leads by finding cases in-house

[24:50] External marketing tips to help grow your dental implant practice

How To Build The Ultimate Dental Implant Practice with Dr. Philip Gordon

[27:40] Setting monthly goals for the number of implant cases you want to do

[31:47] An insight into the Prexion CBCT and similar (more affordable) alternatives

[33:20] How much revenue your practice should bring in before you can afford a CBCT

[37:20] Finding more implant cases internally

[39:31] How to enlighten patients and open a dialogue on the benefits of dental implants

[42:21] The vital role your team plays in generating more dental implant cases

[45:08] How to manage new patient consults

[49:07] Financing options for implant dentistry including pay as you go and care credit etc.

[54:00] Training your team to become excellent communicators

[58:32] How to remove roadblocks for your patients to help increase treatment plan acceptance

[1:06:20] Information on how to get in touch with Dr. Philip Gordon

If you’d like to find out more about Dr. Philip Gordon’s dental implant podcast, visit for more information on how you can grow your dental implant practice. You can also join Philip’s Facebook group “Dental Implant Practices” for tons of great tips, dentistry updates and networking opportunities.

How To Build The Ultimate Dental Implant Practice with Dr. Philip Gordon

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