How to Get Dental Implant Patients From Social Media with Jack Hadley

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Driven Dental Implant Marketing podcast and video interview series.

In this episode, we invite marketer and social media pragmatist, Jack Hadley, onto the show. We talk about everything from dental implant social media advertising specifically to all the ways you can utilize social media to help get more dental implant patients into your practice.

Jack Hadley is a founding partner at My Social Practice, a social media agency that offers marketing support to dental practices worldwide. Jack also teaches social media marketing to MBA students at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management in Provo, Utah.

Jack is also a published author of the book, “Your Social Practice”, that teaches dentists how to get into the mindset that transforms and grows dental practices through social media marketing.

To Listen to the podcast episode click on the podcast player above or to watch a video of our discussion, hit play below:

In the podcast and video, we discussed:

[02:21] A brief history of My Social Practice and how Jack Hadley became known as an authority on social media for dentists

[04:23] How you can use social media to attract new, high-value patients

[05:36] Common mistakes dentists make with dental implant social media marketing

[07:31] Using social media as a tool to showcase your patient relationships

[08:21] Why dentists may not be having success with social campaigns

[09:29] How to develop a successful social media strategy using Jack’s three-part formula – publish, invite, and distribute

[10:20] How to get patients to market your dental practice for you – work smarter, not harder

[11:15] Understanding the “pay to play” model when it comes to things like marketing your dental implant Facebook ads and putting your content in front of more people

[11:47] How to use social media to build social proof using patient testimonials and patient pictures or videos etc.

[15:51] Marketing strategies and tactics for attracting and retaining higher value patients

How to Get Dental Implant Patients From Social Media with Jack Hadley

[20:27] Leveraging Facebook Live to promote your dental services and connect with your patients

[22:55] What permission-based marketing is and how to create a dental implant Facebook funnel to help drive more revenue for your practice

[25:17] Understanding the benefits of emotional marketing

[27:35] How much dental practices should invest in social media marketing

[33:49] The difference between Facebook marketing (such as dental implant Facebook campaigns) and Google AdWords campaigns

[40:15] How to present yourself as the authority for implant dentistry in your market using social media marketing and AdWords

[46:43] Using social media (and AdWords) to build trust and retarget prospective patients

[52:31] Advice for gaining organic traffic from your Facebook page

[55:36] How can My Social Practice help dentists be more successful with their social media marketing

How to Get Dental Implant Patients From Social Media with Jack Hadley

We hope you enjoyed this episode of our podcast and video interview series. If you’d like to find out more about Jack and his business, you can visit My Social Practice to see how it can help you with things like dental implant Facebook ads and implementing an effective social media strategy for your practice.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Driven Dental Marketing can help you to attract and convert more high-value patients, you can book a FREE 15-minute strategy session over on

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