5 Step Dental Implant Marketing Plan

More dentists than ever are building high-profit implant dentistry practices.

Clinical training has become easy and convenient. Dental implant marketing has become cost-effective and predictable. And team training has become more accessible and impactful than ever before.

That makes implant dentistry among the best ways to increase profits and work less while transforming patients’ lives.

If you’re just getting started or want to attract more or better cases, this five-step implant dentistry plan can help.

1. Get focused on attracting dental implant patients.

What works with general dental marketing will not work with implant patients. Implant patients are unique. They have unique needs. They have unique objections. They need different things from their dentists.

Take the time to understand what makes implant marketing different. Then commit to creating separate marketing campaigns for implant patients.

2. Target patients when and where they are searching for teeth replacement options.

Before choosing a dentist to place their implants, patients almost always search Google for their best options. Fortunately, the most popular search engine also offers the most predictable advertising opportunities. Of course, we’re talking about Google and its Google AdWords platform.

Google AdWords is the best advertising channel for converting implant patients fast. Thus, if you’re looking to start or grow an implant practice, Google AdWords is the best place to start.

3. Direct traffic to an authority building landing page.

Many dentists make the mistake of directing traffic to the main page of their website. That can distract or confuse patients. It forces them to search for information confirming their decision to click. Most of the time, they won’t do that. They’ll go back to Google and search again. You lose the opportunity to serve that patient. And to add insult to injury, you will have to pay Google a fee for the click that got the patient lead to your site.

A more effective approach is to send implant marketing traffic to a specific implant-specific page on your website. At the very least, the page should be your general implant dentistry page. A better approach would be to create a special page with content created to position you as the right implant dentist for your new lead. That will remove distractions, build rapport, and get more patients to schedule consultations.

4. Track your results.

The best marketing is trackable. We suggest spreading your marketing budget across multiple, trackable offers. As you achieve results, identify which offers and messaging is working best. Be willing to change things up that are not working. 

Many factors go into the success of an implant marketing campaign. Look for feedback from the technical side to track how many clicks each offer gets and which ads attract the best leads. Ask patients for feedback on what enticed them to make an appointment and how you could improve other parts of the process.

Tracking and adjusting each part of your dental implant patient acquisition process is the best way to consistently improve results.

5. Get your whole team involved.

Lead generation is just the beginning of implant marketing. It’s an important part, of course, but getting leads doesn’t generate revenue by itself. You also need to convert those leads into implant patients.

You need your whole team involved to do that. That means training them on being good on the phone. It means consistently delivering great patient experiences. It means having the right financial options in place to help patients move forward. And it means having systems and processes to follow up with leads to make it as easy as possible for them to move forward. 

Choose the right partner to shorten your learning curve and get faster results.

Attracting and closing dental implant patients requires a number of moving parts. You must ensure your marketing matches your clinical training and experiences. You must ensure your messaging is consistent. You must ensure your marketing matches the process implant patients use to choose an implant dentist. The list goes on.

To shorten your learning curve and get faster results, consider teaming up with a marketing partner that specializes in attracting implant patients.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Driven Dental Marketing can help you to attract and convert more high-value patients, you can book a FREE 15-minute strategy session right here on drivendentalmarketing.com.

Nick Pavlidis

Nick Pavlidis is a recognized author for several dental implant articles.

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