The Secret to Closing More High Value Implant Cases with Dr. Bruce Baird

In this episode of the Driven Dental Marketing video interview and podcast series, we welcome Dr. Bruce Baird onto the show. We talk about dental patient financing and how to close more high value implant cases by offering better financing options for implant patients.

Dr. Bruce Baird, DDS, has been a dentist for 38 years and is the co-founder of Productive Dentist Academy, a dental consulting, continuing education and full-service marketing company with one goal – to help dentists boost productivity. The company holds a variety of seminars and workshops across the United States and has become an invaluable resource to dentists nationwide.

Dr. Bruce Baird is also the founder of Compassionate Finance, which offers customized payment plans for all patients seeking quality dental care. Compassionate Finance is one of the best patient financing companies for patients searching for affordable payment terms for high value implant cases.

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In the podcast and video, we discussed:

[00:22] An introduction to our special guest, Dr. Bruce Baird

[01:44] How Bruce started his company, Compassionate Finance, and turned it into a multi-million-dollar business

[07:00] Why patient financing is so important if you want to increase productivity and revenue

[12:20] Advantages of having better financing options for implant patients and helping them to fit high value treatment plans into their budget

[17:43] Changing the financial trajectory of your practice with in-house financing for dental practices

[23:50] Why the decision to present alternatives to care credit for high-value cases shouldn’t depend on your pre-judgement of a potential patients

The Secret to Closing More High Value Implant Cases with Dr. Bruce Baird

[35:28] How Compassionate Finance compares to other third-party finance companies

[43:48] Breaking down common misconceptions of implementing alternative patient financing options

[48:17] Dr. Bruce Baird’s upfront approach to the question, “How much does it cost?”

[52:27] How do you work an associate into compassionate finance?

[56:38] Solutions and advice for attaining financial contracts/plans for practices with oral surgeons and other alternative models

[58:58] Training your front office team to implement third-party dental patient financing successfully

[1:02:28] Payment plans Vs. cash up-front: Is there an alternative for care credit?

[1:04:54] Dr. Bruce Baird talks about Productive Dentist Academy and how you can close more high value implant cases

If you’d like to find out more about Compassionate Finance, email or visit for more information on in house financing for dental practices. Alternatively, you can call 866-960-6323 to talk to a member of the team.

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The Secret to Closing More High Value Implant Cases with Dr. Bruce Baird
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