How to Motivate Your Team to Close More Implant Cases

July 18, 2019

If you want to close more implant cases, motivating your team to work harder and smarter is a must.

An unmotivated team is bad news for a dental implant marketing campaign. That lack of motivation can be felt by potential dental implant patients when they call or visit your practice. Additionally, an unmotivated team won’t work as long or hard as needed to build momentum for your implant practice. Without that motivation and productivity, your return on investment for your dental implant marketing will suffer. You won’t close as many implant cases as you can.

At Driven Dental Implant Marketing, we work hard to help our clients ensure everyone in your practice is prepared and motivated to close more implant cases. That way, you can maximize your return on investment in dental implant marketing and help more patients get the care they need. 

Here are three ways our most successful dental implant marketing clients motivate their team to close more implant cases.

Offer Front Office Team Members Monetary Incentives For Consultations Scheduled

When you begin a proven implant marketing campaign, your phone is going to start ringing a lot more with calls from potential dental implant patients. While that is helpful, you can’t get a return on your investment unless you get patients to take the next step and schedule a dental implant consultation. How your team members handle those phone calls will be critical to your return on investment. Thus, many successful implant practices set a goal and offer incentives when you hit goals for scheduled consultations. Be sure to let your team members know about the goal and how they can earn it. 

You can be creative with how you divide the bonus. Some practices measure everyone’s productivity on an individual scale, offering larger bonuses for people who schedule the most consultations. Others find it easier to just offer an across-the-board bonus to all team members responsible for answering the phones. After all, answering the phones is really a team effort, with other team members taking care of tasks that free up their colleague to concentrate on the phone.

No matter what you choose, offering monetary incentives for hitting goals is a great way to tie extra pay to extra effort and production.

Offer Individual Bonuses Based on Closed Cases

Scheduling more consultations can certainly lead to a big increase in productivity. That said, some percentage of appointments will be no-shows. Of the implant patient leads who show up, not all will decide to move forward with treatment. Thus, some practices prefer to offer bonuses to team members based on how many patients move forward with treatment. Tieing incentives to closed cases ensures you pay from actual extra revenue and profits.

This works similar to incentivizing consultations but calculated as a percentage of extra profits generated from the increase in closed cases. In this case, you also generally offer the incentive to your entire team. After all, it takes a team effort to convert a dental implant patient lead to a closed case. 

Offer a Large Team Reward for Achieving A Production Goal

Some practices get creative by offering a large team reward for achieving a production goal. For example, you could offer to take your team on a work-and-play dental cruise if you hit your production goals, like Smiles at Sea, a dental CE cruise that’s fun and educational. A cruise to the Bahamas for a productive quarter is a big motivation for team members. 

In fact, incentives like large group cruises can be more desirable to team members than a bonus, even when the value is the same. Cruises and trips are luxuries many team members don’t often experience. They are also experiences they will remember fondly forever. 

It might seem off-putting to take your team on a trip because it sounds expensive or disruptive to your schedule. But when it’s carefully tied to hitting dental implant production goals, it can be a very profitable investment with benefits that extend well into the future.

If you’re thinking of offering an incentive like this to your team members, check out this video by Elijah Desmond of Smiles at Sea about the incentives they are offering Driven Dental Implant Marketing clients. They are offering up to $10,000 of event tickets aboard the Smiles at Sea cruise in October. Learn more here.

What Are You Doing to Motivate Your Team to Close More Dental Implant Cases?

When building an implant practice, your team holds the keys to your ultimate return on investment. Do you incentivize them to perform? Let us know in the comments! If not, one of these methods might be just what you need. It all starts with discovering what motivates your team. 

If you want help with motivating your team to close more implant cases, book a FREE 15-minute strategy session with Driven Dental Implant Marketing right here on


Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.

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Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.