How to Recruit Dental Team Members Who Rock

Want to recruit dental team members who rock? This is one of the biggest struggles every practice owner faces. Finding and keeping great employees is a challenge for any practice looking to recruit dental staff. But hiring dental team members who rock doesn’t have to be tough. It just requires more than just hoping and praying. It involves work, preparation, and strategy to hire your dream team and make beautiful music together. But doing so can take your entire practice to new heights.

When you’re building an implant practice, your team needs to be able to convert high-value dental implant leads into patients and then treat them well. To do this, you’ll need to find highly qualified candidates. Dental implant patients are different than typical patients. You’ll need team members who understand what makes converting high-value dental implant patients different.

These skills can be hard to find. It may feel like you are Indiana Jones—on the hunt for the Holy Grail. But Indy was successful in finding what others failed to find after spending their entire lives searching because he had a plan. Whether you’re trying to hire dental assistant help, trying to hire front desk team members, or even hire dental treatment coordinator specialists, this strategy will work. And, in the end, you’ll have a rock start team helping you build a rock star dental implant practice.

Let’s design your plan to recruit dental team members for your practice who will convert and close your implant leads into happy, paying, and raving patients.

Begin with the end in mind when hiring dental staff.

The most important part before embarking on the hunt to recruit dental team members is to know the direction you want to take your office in the next five years. Figuring out your roadmap will help you see what type of qualities and skills you need to look for now to help you get to where you want to be.

What if your goal is to do more implant cases? What if you want to work with Driven Dental Implant Marketing to help bring more implant patients through your door? You need to maximize your ROI and should be hiring your next team member with this in mind. If you hire a team member who requires dental staff training, you’ll be spending time training them instead of treating patients in your chair. If you hire a team member who has implant experience, on the other hand, will give you greater ROI because you’ll have to spend less time training them.

Hire someone with implant experience who can help implement protocols, processes, and systems to help your team and practice be successful. It should be someone who knows how to explain the value of treatment, is comfortable with discussing high treatment costs and working with patients to find a comfortable & affordable payment option, and who understands insurance to help your patients maximize their coverage so they move forward with treatment.

Can you see how the first and most important step to find and build your dream team starts with understanding the direction you want to take your practice? This is your foundation to build a successful team that will grow your practice.

Develop a successful campaign to recruit dental team members.

You have identified where you want to take your practice in the next five years and what your ideal candidate looks like. The next step to take to recruit dental team members is to attract the best candidates who meet your requirements and practice needs with the right recruitment campaign.

Start by crafting an attractive job posting that will make the reader feel like they want to work with an amazing office like yours! Here is the formula we at Driven Dental Implant Marketing use to help our clients find and hire their dream team.

1. Ask yourself, “Why would someone want to come work for me?”

Let’s be honest, you’re not the only dental practice hiring, so you need to stand out and show them why they should come work for you instead of your competitors.

2. What are your vision, mission statement, core values, and office culture like?

This will help attract like-minded candidates who share the same philosophies.

3. What is your employer branding & reputation like?

Start by reviewing some recent online reviews from patients, are they saying amazing things about you, your practice, or your team? If so, use one as an example and highlight this in your job posting.

4. Are there opportunities for growth in your practice?

Can they advance in their career with you? Remember, you want to attract people who are forward thinkers and will grow with you and be with you long term.

5. Are you involved in the community or do you give to charity?

People want to be involved in something bigger than themselves and larger than the four walls in their operatories.

6. What are the position requirements?

Remember to list the specific details of the position to ensure you are finding candidates with previous implant experience, sales, or are willing and excited to learn more.

If you can include any team photos, videos, or a video tour of the practice, do so. That will help them picture themselves already working for you! This will also help reduce “no-show” for interviews. They need to see you are different so they want to be a part of building & driving your business forward.

Recruit dental team members who rock!

The first step is to come up with a plan. After you’ve envisioned where you want to be in five years, the next step is to develop a recruitment campaign. The right campaign should recruit dental team members who make beautiful music together for your practice.

With great team members, your practice will grow and become more productive, and you’ll change more lives with dental implants. You can make sure your recruitment campaign is successful by following the simple formula outlined for you.

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