Internal Marketing for Dental Practices Made Simple

September 2, 2021

As dental practices move into offering high-ticket, complex-care procedures like dental implants, marketing strategies become even more important. If you market well, you can quickly boost productivity and profitability. Your ROI on your marketing can be astronomical. If you don’t market well, you can waste time and money.

Moreover, while proven dental implant marketing strategies can help you generate a steady flow of implant patient leads, not all marketing efforts need to be external. In fact, many of our implant marketing clients use another marketing strategy—internal marketing—to generate even more implant patient leads and other high-value referrals.

The best part about internal marketing for dental practices is simplicity. With just one to two tweaks to how you interact with patients, you could use internal marketing to take even the best implant practice to a whole new level. Here’s what you need to know:

Internal Marketing: Using employees and patients to market your dental practice.

Why Internal Marketing Works So Well For Implant Practices

If you’re using proven implant marketing strategies to grow your practice, you likely have a steady flow of implant patients in your practice. So why bother adding “internal marketing” on top of that? Several reasons. 

  • First, internal marketing is free. You don’t have to pay to talk with employees or patients in your office. You can get them excited to refer others to you for free.
  • Second, your employees and patients can speak with potential patients from their own experience. Although this can’t reach as many people as dental ads can, it is highly persuasive for a team member or employee to recommend a practice.
  • Third, your employees and patients all likely know several people who would make ideal patients. 
  • Fourth, people are highly persuaded by recommendations.

Thus, if you can combine internal marketing efforts to proven implant marketing strategies, you can attract a steady flow of new, high-value implant patients to your practice and earn referrals from those new patients to others. This keeps the return on investment on your implant marketing building through referrals to other patients.

Internal marketing can improve and extend your return on investment in dental implant marketing.

How to Implement Internal Marketing in Your Dental Implant Practices

With just a few tweaks to how you treat and communicate with patients, you can turn all of your implant patients into brand advocates for your practice.

To achieve that goal, all you need to do is take four simple steps.

1. Identify prospects.

With your employees and patients, take some time to talk about who may be a candidate for high-ticket treatment. It should be somebody that your employee or patient has a good relationship with, who is likely to accept your treatment plan.

2. Create a communication plan.

When you have a list of prospects, you need to develop a strategy for communicating with them. Will it be over text, email, phone, or word-of-mouth referrals? How many times will you reach out to them before letting them go? 

3. Make them an offer.

If you don’t have it already, develop a case presentation method that works well for you, playing to your strengths. Sometimes dentists can shy away from actually making their prospects an offer because they are either afraid of rejection or don’t want to come off as pushy. On the other hand, you never know who you could end up helping with your services if you simply ask, and let them decide “yes” or “no” for themselves.

4. Track your results.

As you implement internal marketing, tracking your results will help you understand your performance. You’ll discover little ways to improve at each step of the journey. Whether it’s lead management software or a good old-fashioned spreadsheet, find a way to keep track.

Use Internal Marketing to Enhance Your Implant Marketing ROI

When investing in any type of marketing, the most successful dental practices use internal marketing to make sure their return on investment continues to grow. They consider every implant patient we send their way as just the beginning of a long, profitable series of referrals that they will earn through the simplest marketing strategy around: internal marketing.

It doesn’t take much effort to get your implant marketing working for you, either. Most practices are just a few tweaks away. If you want help, schedule your free strategy call with our expert marketing team today. We can help you generate a steady flow of pre-qualified patient leads and even coach you and your team about how to use internal marketing to keep building your ROI for years to come.


Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.


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Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.