3 Out-Of-The-Box Ways to Help Patients Pay for Dental Implants

Implant dentistry is unique in that there’s often only one thing keeping patients from moving forward: financing.

Many patients know other teeth replacement options are more of a short-term, partial solution. They would rather get dental implants if they can afford to. If you utilize the best case presentation techniques in your practice, more patients will be ready to move forward than ever—if they can afford to.

While there are many traditional ways to help patients pay for dental implants, some patients will not qualify for those traditional ways. Some will to need to think outside-of-the-box if they are to move forward with care.

If you are looking to build your dental implant practice, you must help your patients figure out how to fit the cost of treatment into their lifestyle. Your success will depend on your ability to help people afford their treatment. Our most successful clients believe it is their responsibility to help those patients get over the last obstacle to dental implant case acceptance, affordability.

Based on their success, we suggest keeping information handy about multiple dental implant financing options. When a patient is ready to move forward but needs help to afford it, worth through their options one-by-one. Have someone talk through each option and help them secure the funds. Remember, these funds will be coming to your practice. Sometimes, one option might work. Other times, patients will need help from multiple sources plus some creative thinking, such as staggering their treatment over time.

We also suggest keeping a few out-of-the-box ideas in mind. Here are three out-of-the-box ways that might come in handy in the right situation.

1. Help patients set up a crowdfunding campaign.

Websites like GoFundMe.com and RallyHope.com allow people to raise money for friends, family, and strangers. The more compelling the story, the more likely it is for people to donate and share the fundraiser website to set up. It is usually free to set up, only requiring patients to pay a small percentage of donations.

Some people might donate only one dollar. But if enough people donate, the money can add up fast.

If a patient has a particularly compelling story, they might consider starting a crowdfunding campaign. Even if they do qualify for financing, amounts raised from crowdfunding can be used to pay down the loan.

2. Check for government grants.

Contact your state dental society and ask if they know of any grants available for dental implants. Dental societies are purposed to support dentists and promote oral health.

As part of that mission, many state dental societies maintain a list of organizations or individuals that help subsidize dental implants. Collect whatever information you can about those opportunities. Make sure your team knows what is available and how someone could qualify for financial help.

3. Consider bartering in the right situation. 

Have you wanted to upgrade or expand your home or office? A mutually-beneficial barter with a talented patient might be just what you need.

A talented carpenter might not have $5,000 or $10,000 laying around. But they might gladly spend a few weekends upgrading your office or hanging drywall in exchange for dental implants.

Because dental implants are so life-changing, many patients will happily barter time or services for dental implants.

While this may seem quite a bit out-of-the-box, more popular than many people think. In fact, a quick search for “dental implants” on bartering website U-Exchange pulled up dozens of requests for dental implants. People were offering siding, replacement windows, gutters, handyman services, video filming, production, and editing, tax preparation, floor covering, carpentry, and more.

Tap into the time and talent of your patients. Bartering could help someone pay for their care in full or bridge the gap between existing funds and the cost of their treatment.

What is the most creative way you have helped a patient afford their care?

Get in your client’s world. Dental implants are costly to the average person. But while they might not have a lot of money laying around, they might have other things of high-value.

Do they have a large group of family and friends or a compelling story about why they need care? Maybe crowdfunding can help.

Do they qualify for a special grant? Help them apply.

Do they have time and talents to barter? Maybe you can barter for a home or office improvement project.

Share the most creative way you have helped a patient afford their care in the comments or on social media!

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