5 Reasons General Dentists Should Place Dental Implants

Decades ago, oral maxillofacial surgeons performed the vast majority of most dental implants. That’s no longer the case, however. Today, more dentists than ever are reaping the benefits of implant dentistry.

Some dentists keep 10% or 20% of implant cases in-house, referring out the complicated ones. As their training grows, they increase the percentage of cases they keep in-house.

There’s no better time to add implant dentistry to your practice. Predictable and automated marketing strategies can help you attract implant cases. Additionally, clinical and staff training are more accessible than ever. If you’re on the fence about adding implant dentistry to your practice, here are five reasons to consider.

1. It’s exciting for the doctor and staff.

Many dentists go into general dentistry because they like variety. Unlike specialists, general dentists perform a variety of procedures every day. As years go by, even a general dental practice can get monotonous for the doctor and the staff.

Every dentist has the skills to place implants, and there are plenty of options to further refine your skills. Consider adding variety by keeping 10% or even 20% of implant cases in-house.

You can still refer out the complicated cases, keeping only the simpler ones. As you get additional training, you can increase the percentage and complexity of the cases you keep.

2. It’s profitable with little to no PPO or HMO pressure.

PPOs and HMOs keep ratcheting fees for dentistry procedures down. This puts a lot of pressure on general dentists. Although some insurance plans are starting to cover implant dentistry, most don’t. Those that do offer a very high remuneration for implants.

The majority of implant dentistry remains fee-for-service, however.

Either way, implant dentistry is highly profitable, generating thousands of dollars in profits per patient.

3. Patients don’t get bounced around.

Patients know their general dentists. They like their general dentists. They trust them. They don’t want to go to a different dentist, even a specialist.

In fact, a large percentage of patients won’t go to specialists. They’ll change their mind and decide they don’t really want their implant. They’ll stick with their dentures or accept hiding their smile or eating on one side of their mouth.

Dr. Arun Garg, the world’s leading dental implant trainer, suggests only about half of patients will actually visit a specialist to get an implant. The other half will change their mind about the implant unless the general dentist can place it.

Thus, general dentists can serve their patients better by keeping more implant cases in-house. If a patient has a difficult case that a general dentist can’t or doesn’t want to handle, a general dentist may still prefer to send them to a specialist. But keeping cases that are consistent with a general dentist’s training level helps serve patients well.

4. It helps keep things affordable for the patient.

As profitable as implant dentistry is for general dentists, it’s also more affordable for patients. For example, most general dental offices have a relatively low initial oral exam fee. Specialists’ initial oral exam fees are generally much higher.

Additionally, surgical fees are typically higher in the surgical office. Thus, adding implant dentistry to a general dental practice helps patients afford their implants a bit easier. That means more patients are able to get treatment done.

5. Dental implants are life-changing for patients.

Implant dentistry is life-changing for patients. They’ll improve their appearance. They’ll start smiling confidently again. They’ll get to eat normally again. They’ll get to toss their dentures. The list goes on.

Many patients are moved to tears when they see their implants for the first time. Adding implant dentistry helps you and your staff transform lives.

Are you considering adding implant dentistry to your practice?

Adding implant dentistry is one of the most impactful things you can do for your practice. It’s exciting for the doctor and staff. It’s profitable, especially in these days with HMO and PPO pressures. Patients don’t get bounced around unless it’s a difficult case that a general dentist can’t or doesn’t want to handle. It helps keep things affordable for the patient. And it helps transform patients’ lives.

If you’re considering adding implant dentistry and don’t know where to start, we’ve teamed up with Dr. Garg for a 4-day Dental Implant cruise to Cuba and the Bahamas.

On the cruise, Dr. Garg and his team will give you the clinical training to start placing implants in your office. In addition, you’ll learn bonus marketing and conversion strategies from us at Driven Dental marketing. In our bonus training, you’ll learn about phone strategies, case presentation, pricing, and more. You’ll learn how to attract more implant cases to your office. You’ll learn how to train your team to help you close and keep more cases in-house, too.

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Sean Manion

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