How To Get Patients To Say Yes To Dental Implant Treatment with Dr Paul Homoly

July 20, 2018

We’re honored to welcome Dr. Paul Homoly onto the Driven Dental Implant Marketing podcast and interview series!

Dr. Paul Homoly is the president of Homoly Communications Institute, an excellent resource for dentists who want to increase case acceptance and elevate their professional and practice-building skills. With over thirty years of experience as a restorative dentist and acclaimed educator, he has a bounty of innovative insights to share with fellow dentists who want to thrive and grow their practices.

Dr. Paul Homoly is regarded as one of the world’s top communication coaches, consultants and speakers in dentistry. He is also a published author of several books including “Dentists: An Endangered SpeciesIsn’t It Wonderful When Patients Say Yes!”, “Making it Easy for Patients to Say “Yes”," Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting and “Case Acceptance for Everyday Dentistry”.

To listen to the episode hit play on the podcast player above, if you would prefer to watch the interview click on the video below: 

On The Podcast And Video, We Discussed:

[02:27] Transitioning your practice into an implant focused practice

[03:46] Case acceptance as the engine of a dental practice and how you can improve case presentation for dental implants

[06:35] Why you should start thinking about the kind of practice you want to have and understanding that there are essentially two types:

1. Modest Care Practice – case fees less than $3500, but with more patients

2. Complex Care Practice – case fees more than $5000, but with fewer patients

[07:37] The driver of case acceptance for a Modest Care patient is education, whereas the driving force for a Complex Care patient is more about understanding why the patient wants the dentistry done

[10:00] The importance of making a personal connection with your patients and showing empathy and emotion

[12:26] Avoiding overly complex treatment presentations in your marketing strategies and the relationship between marketing and dental implant case presentation

[14:40] How to connect with patients by asking questions that gets them into the “storytelling mode”

[18:20] What to say during dental implant treatment presentation and why you should start the conversation with the behavioral benefit rather than the structure of the treatment sequence

[22:13] Initiating the behavioral benefit conversation and how to streamline it into your case presentation for dental implants

[23:43] Implant case presentation tips and the four key ways to make a great first impression on your new patient high-value cases

[26:33] How to deal with “shoppers” and establishing a dental implant marketing strategy that will attract shoppers to your practice

[30:41] When the case fees are over $10,000, fewer than 5% of new patients are ready to start their care. So, when you’re presenting implant cases, it’s more beneficial to assume that the patient is not ready for treatment

[34:14] Advice for getting patients to become a patient of record (hygiene patient) when they don’t accept treatment the first time they hear the treatment plan

[39:00] What dentists can do to improve case acceptance for complex care

[41:24] Why you should always revisit the patient’s life circumstance before revisiting the conditions

[46:56] Improving case acceptance and how to present dental implant cases while maintaining the upwards momentum

[51:00] More information about Dr. Paul Homoly’s online courses 

[54:37] Understanding that when you start focusing on building a practice that genuinely cares about changing people’s lives, financial awards will follow

If you would like to get in touch with Dr. Paul Homoly, you can visit his website and click “Your 3 Top Decisions To Make It Easy For Patients To Say Yes” to begin the case acceptance coaching program which includes dozens of excellent implant case presentation tips.

If you want to get into placing dental implants, you can join our course cruise, “Implants Unlimited with Dr. Arun Garg which runs from November 15th to 19th from Fort Lauderdale to Cuba. Also, if you’re enjoying this video and podcast interview series, make sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest updates!

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Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.

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Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.