How to Select the Right Dental Implant Marketing Company

Selecting a dental implant marketing company is an investment. If they don’t market your dental implant practice well, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time, money, and effort. That being said, they can also market your dental implant practice well and give you a great return on investment. So, how do you decide whether you and any dental marketing company will make a Superteam?

There are many ways to distinguish what dental implant marketing agencies are the real deal and which ones might be a mistake to hire. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself when selecting your dental implant marketing company.

Do They Align with Your Goals?

It’s important to have specific goals for your practice and a niche that you’ve decided to pursue. Rather than increase case acceptance in general, set goals to increase case acceptance in one particular type of dentistry. Do you want to focus on orthodontics, high-value treatment, family dentistry, emergency dentistry, implant dentistry, etc.?

You’re here because you want to focus on implant dentistry, though. If you want to focus on implant dentistry, then you can hire a specialist from a dental implant marketing company to help you increase case acceptance for dental implant cases. You can work with a dental implant marketing company that has extensive experience in implant dentistry. They can tailor specific services and strategies for your practice.

It’s important that they don’t only align with your goals but they also aren’t stuck on rigid templates or processes. That way they can adopt the best practices and principles to help your practice leverage unique strengths and compete in your specific market.

Do They Have a Proven Track Record?

There are tons of dental implant marketing agencies out there that make big exciting claims and boast about new tools, new platforms, or their unique approach to marketing. There’s a ton of noise out there and it’s hard to tell what’s fact and what’s fiction.

Ensure that the dental implant marketing company you’re looking at has a proven track record. Make sure they have proof to validate their claims. You can do this by looking at case studies or references or by seeing if there is a model for success the company has to draw from.

Do They Understand the Dental Industry?

You won’t find any success with a dental implant marketing company if they are outsiders. If they don’t understand the nuances of dental patients or the dynamics of a dental implant practice, then they won’t know how to handle the unique challenges that are presented when getting patients to move forward with treatment. They might know a lot about digital marketing strategies but, while that is important, that isn’t enough. They need to have intimate knowledge of various patient segments as well as how dental practices operate.

It’s important that the dental marketing company you choose is a dental implant marketing company. The fact that they are specialists, not generalists, means that they can develop campaigns that are effective for the particular type of dentistry you are focusing on. Generalists, however experienced they may be, focus on too many industries. This often means they have blind spots. You’ll end up wasting time and money on ineffective marketing strategies.

Do They Set Realistic Expectations?

At Driven Dental Implant Marketing, we can assure you the expectation of a high return on investment. This takes work though. There was no magic button that got us to be able to make the promises we can make. Any dental implant marketing company will assure you they can get you a high ROI but most of the time these are big promises without proof. You are investing time, effort, and money into their campaigns. If they set the expectation that you can have a great ROI if you invest a lot of money, be careful. You could end up wasting a lot of resources on their false promises.

Nothing worth having ever comes without challenges. A dental implant marketing company with experience will know this. They will be able to set clear expectations of the challenges you’ll face and they’ll be able to bring solutions to the table to overcome them.  

Do They Show You the Numbers?

There are plenty of numbers that a dental implant marketing company can throw your way that makes them look like they’ve done things for your practice. However, if they’re just vanity numbers and aren’t actually relevant statistics, then they’re as good as useless. Rankings are nice, but being ranked a keyword that isn’t commercially valuable or doesn’t have high search volume won’t help your practice.

The right dental implant marketing company will focus on two things: visibility and conversion. The numbers they show you should reflect on how effective they are when focusing on these two things. Are they getting your brand in front of the right people at the right time? Is your message turning that exposure into new patients?

Numbers that are important are things like how many leads they get (with contact info), how many new patients show up, how much treatment is accepted, and what your ROI is.

Select the Right Dental Implant Marketing Company Today!

By asking these questions before you select a dental implant marketing company, you can be sure you will make a Superteam, yield a good ROI, and not waste time, money, or effort.

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