How A “Money Phone” Can Help You Convert More Implant Patient Leads with Mike Buckner

We’ve got an exciting episode of the Driven Dental Implant Marketing podcast for you that’s all about how you can create a “money phone” for your dental practice. We speak to Mike Buckner, who is the Business Development Executive at Weave.

Weave is a unique and powerful platform that helps to fill schedules and maximize relationships between dentists and their patients. It’s a proven way to help improve customer response, online reputation, team workflow and most importantly, revenue generation.

Our conversation with Mike is focused on having meaningful conversations between dentists and patients. We explore ways that you can leverage SMS marketing to increase appointment conversion and build a real rapport with your patients that keeps them coming back.

To listen to the podcast episode, click on the podcast player above or to watch a video of our discussion, hit play below:

In the podcast and video, we discussed:

[02:08] The importance of getting back to new leads as quick as possible and using a “money phone” to maximize your contact rate

[04:17] The benefits of using the Weave mobile app and why SMS messaging is the best way to get in touch with your patients

[06:26] How to use the Weave app to reach out to patients and new leads

[07:38] The power of leveraging SMS marketing to increase appointment conversion

[08:35] The truth about email and voicemail - we don't check it anymore!

[10:12] Best practices and principles to connect with the patient before you get them on the schedule

[12:00] The physcological relationship between text messaging and our minds (dopamine)

[14:43] How to make your emails just as powerful as text messages by turning your phone into a money phone

How To Create A "Money Phone" For Your Dental Practice with Mike Buckner

[18:10] The best time of the day to call/NOT call your patients

[23:28] How weave can help with preparedness on the phone

[24:40] Show rates and the importance of delivering a quality phone experience

[25:31] Building a relationship with your patients using personalized text messages

[28:03] Reaching out to patients with a pre-recorded video

[32:42] How to keep your team accountable for delivering a quality phone experience

[35:00] Using incentives to create a team culture that’s focused on converting new patients

[36:36] Setting up mass communication via automated text messages to help get overdue patients to reschedule

[38:52] How Weave can help track marketing performance 

How To Create A "Money Phone" For Your Dental Practice with Mike Buckner

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