Pricing and Financing Essentials for Gaining More Full Arch Cases

June 23, 2022

In an effort to gain more full arch implant cases, many dental practices neglect the financial aspect. However, offering the right pricing and financing is an essential aspect of a holistic full arch marketing plan.

The problem is that many patients encounter “sticker shock” when you talk through the price of a full arch case with them. Not every practice is equipped to deal with this. So, many dentists fear the dreaded “finances question” that comes at the end of consultations… but they’re going about it all wrong. Instead of dreading it, the best implant dentists anticipate it and have plans to help their patients through it.

Cost is the number one barrier. If you want more full arch implant cases, you have to help your patients over that barrier. Here are a few proven pricing and financing strategies to increase your case acceptance rate:

1. Define your full arch treatment package.

For best results, simplify your pricing into one set price for complex procedures like full arches. Sometimes, treatments vary. Different patients will require different sets of implants in their full arch or additional care like bone grafting. Having a fixed price for all treatments may fluctuate the practice’s margins from case to case, but it will lead to more cases. Patients often get confused when they see a long, complicated quote for their treatment.

To this end, dentists should create a one-page presentation form for their treatment package. This should match the overall brand of the rest of the practice. The one-pager will boost case acceptance because it will help the patient see their one cost in an easy-to-digest format. To this end, do not put line item codes in your presentation, but just one price. This makes it simple for you and for the patient.

2. Learn how to present the full arch price.

By the time a patient comes to your office, they should already understand the costs and have a plan for payment. Getting your patients pre-screened and pre-qualified is a huge help here. 

How a dentist explains the price makes a huge difference in how it is received. This requires an understanding of how to present prices confidently. First, the dentist needs to be confident in the value they provide for the procedure. With a full arch implant case, they can transform a patient’s life by restoring their smile. This brings benefits to their relationships, professional life, and even mental health. If a dentist has doubts about their price, they will unwittingly transfer those doubts to the patient.

Additionally, dentists should give their team members the same level of confidence about the price. The team should discuss the value of what the implant practice does, so that team members don’t feel doubtful or insecure when discussing payment with patients.

Be upfront about the costs, and never let the conversation go by without mentioning your financing options. This means you need to…

3. Offer financing and understand insurance.

If you don’t already, you should partner with a financing company that offers traditional or flexible options for patients. The one you choose should be based on your alignment with them, and the amount of risk that your practice is able to shoulder as you offer treatments. Find one with a similar philosophy and start the conversation.

Secondly, dentists need a financing partner that can meet the criteria for full arch cases. These procedures have a larger loan amount and longer terms. The financing company needs to accept cases that match the typical credit scores of your ideal full arch patient. For more information about finding the right financing company and incorporating these solutions into your practice, download our Guide to Patient Financing.

Regarding insurance, you need to know some of the largest employers in your area and what they offer to their employees in terms of benefits. You should know, at a glance, whether a patient’s insurance (through work or a private plan) is compatible with your full arch procedure.

We’re not saying you have to accept all forms of insurance. However, you do need to decide which insurance you will work with and how to communicate that to your patients. Regardless of your policies, you will get asked the insurance question. Make sure you and your team have a consistent answer and plan for communication.

4. Be prepared for “price shoppers.”

Preparing for price shoppers isn’t like preparing for a negative eventuality. Price shoppers are a good thing. Why? If a patient is looking around for a good price for their treatment, it shows they’re serious about moving forward. They likely have an acceptable range in mind for how much they want to pay for treatment.

If they’re serious about moving forward and motivated to have conversations about price, then all you need to do is convince them about the value of your treatment. This includes talking about your unique sales proposition, showing stories of transformation, and convincing the patient about the level of care they will receive. If you’ve already defined your full arch treatment package price, this conversation becomes much easier. 

Moreover, educate your patients about the fact that low-cost care tends to be more expensive in the long run. Their implants will be higher maintenance, and more likely to fail. This means more visits and more procedures over time. This is also a place where your financing options can come into play.

The sooner you incorporate these essentials, the better prepared your practice will be to gain more full arch cases. For more ways to boost your case acceptance, book a free strategy call with us.


Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.


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Stop chasing unqualified leads and wasting your valuable chairtime. Learn how to fill your operatories with patients who are pre-qualified and serious about moving forward with your high-value treatment.