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Nick Pavlidis is a recognized author for several dental implant articles.

Success Mindsets and Dental Implant Practices

Have you done everything right but still struggle to find success building an implant practice? If so, it’s possible that your challenge is a mindset, not a tactical issue. When some practices build an implant practice, they find almost immediate success. Their dental implant ads attract a steady flow of high-quality implant leads. Their case acceptance […]

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Designing Your Ideal Implant Patient Experience

Your practice’s implant patient experience can make or break your implant practice. If you optimize your implant patient experience, your implant patient reviews will be glowing. Those implant patient reviews will build your implant dentist reputation. And your implant dentist reputation will help you achieve greater success when targeting dental implant patients with your dental […]

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How to Transition From a General Practice to an Implant-Focused Practice

Over the past several years, we’ve helped many practices transition from general practices to implant-focused practices. When practice owners come to us today, many are surprised about how diverse the practices are. Some assume it’s easier for a practice in a low-competition area to transition to an implant-focused practice. Others assume it’s easier for a practice […]

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