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Nick Pavlidis is a recognized author for several dental implant articles.

How to Empower Your Implant Patients to Be More Proactive

Do you have more proactive dental patients or reactive ones? If you’re having trouble getting patients to accept treatment, it could be because your patients are being more reactive than proactive with their oral health. While reacting to issues that arise is important, proactive dental patients tend to be happier and healthier. When your patients […]

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Three Signs You’ve Been “Hope Marketing”

If two practices want to attract the same patients at the same time, why would one regularly close high-value cases while the other struggle—even if it hires a “dental marketing agency” to help? It all comes down to the difference between hope marketing and using proven methods to expect positive results. Practices that get the […]

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How to Get More Dental Implant Patients

When practice owners hire us, we know their goal is to get more dental implant patients. They hire us for results. They want us for our expertise. That’s why we make so much of an effort to help practices ensure they have all three parts of a high-profit dental implant practice in place. We let […]

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Spotting the Latest Digital Dental Marketing Trends in Dental Implant Marketing

We’ve helped our clients generate tens of thousands of implant patient leads using only proven dental digital marketing strategies. To achieve those results, we make sure to stay up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing for dentists. Dental online marketing strategies are consistently changing. That’s why dental marketing companies must keep up […]

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How to Get Qualified Dental Implant Leads

Getting more qualified dental implant leads can transform your dental practice. Whether you’re just getting started building an implant practice or are looking for bigger cases or more regular and predictable dental implant leads, the quality of your implant leads is critical. If you’re not generating qualified dental implant leads, it can be very frustrating. […]

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